µTorrent switches to UDP protocol

A message appeared on the µTorrent client developer forum that the new alpha version of this popular torrent client µTorrent 1.9 build 13485 supports uTP (UDP torrenting) mode. Moreover, this mode will be the default. In other words, file transfer on torrent networks (which is more than 50% of global traffic) can go from TCP to UDP. For torrents, ping decreases from 2000 ms to 50-100 ms (for test results, see the PDF ), this is good. But what threatens the quality of VoIP, multiplayer games and other applications that use UDP for data transfer (and currently consume no more than 2% of world traffic) - it's hard to even imagine.

At the moment, telecoms are effectively inhibiting torrent traffic, freeing up the band at peak hours. If torrents switch to UDP, then telecoms will not be able to do this on existing equipment. At the very least, the existing practice of a packet attack such as TCP RST, which is used by Comcast and other providers, will become completely useless.

The first testers who have already tested the work of the new alpha version of µTorrent report that they are not affected by shaping in the network of the Bell Canada provider. However, we do not recommend using this early version, because there are still many serious bugs in it.

To all this, it must be added that the American company BitTorrent (which controls the development of the µTorrent client, among other things) is now looking for a normal business model and is trying to position itself as a CDN provider for corporate users .

via The Register