Firefox Addon: Google Reader-style page navigation for any site.

Everyone probably knows how to make page navigation in Google Reader. Initially, approximately as many unread news are loaded as they are displayed on the screen, and then, as the page scrolls down, the remaining news is loaded asynchronously.

How good is such a system? Perhaps the fact that it is transparent and invisible: the user navigates the pages without doing anything for this, just reading the news in his rss reader. Of course, this approach also has drawbacks, but this is not the point.

So, tonight I completely stumbled upon a plug-in for firefox, which allows you to make a similar page-by-page navigation for almost any site, moreover, it initially contains settings for many well-known sites: Digg, Google, Wikipedia, etc.

This miracle is called AutoPager, and you can put it here .
The principle of its operation is very simple. When a page scrolls down, AutoPager finds a link to the next page, downloads it, throws out everything that is unnecessary (or leaves everything that is needed), and inserts the result into the current page. Vitoge has an effect like in Google Reader.

The user has the opportunity to disable this navigation at any time, simply by clicking on the icon in the browser status bar, but most importantly, there is the ability to configure the plugin so that it will work with any site.
To do this, in the settings you need to set:
  • Url of the site (can be regexp)
  • xpath for link to next page
  • xpath for elements that are dynamically added to the current page
  • xpath for the container into which the elements from the previous paragraph are inserted

This is the easiest setup option, there are additional options. And there is also a wizard that allows you to configure settings simply by clicking on the page elements.
Again, there is a settings database for various sites added by other users, and it seems to be regularly updated.

And for starter, the setting I made for the Habr (I already submitted it to the repository, but it has not yet been reviewed):
You can add this: copy the code to the clipboard, right-click on the icon in the status bar, select “manage setting ", Click on the" Import "button and select" Import from Clipboard "
Upd in the menu that appears
: Habr settings have already been added to the public online database. Now for them to pick up you need to click on the icon in the status bar, select "Import from URL" in the context menu and click OK.