My mom and the internet

I will tell you how my mom joined the Internet.

It all started with the fact that in the distant days of BBS stations, she came at 4-5 in the morning to my room, and looked into my crazy eyes. It all came down to such a dialogue:
- What are you doing?
- Yes here ... I’m downloading ... I’m downloading now and I’ll go to bed ...
- Well, what are you downloading ??

I remember a deep misunderstanding of what I download. How could she explain that it did not matter what to download, the main thing was to download something!

Useful effect: mom realized that the computer can work for days, and not light up with a blue flame.

The second stage is an introduction to the computer. It happened through games. She had two favorite games - Bomber Man and, of course, Lines .

Useful effect: mom learned to handle the keyboard and mouse perfectly!

Then, my work became connected with telecom, and the free and stolen Internet replaced the legal one that was always in the house anyway. My mom loves cooking. Once upon hearing a recipe on TV, she forgot to record it and asked me to find it on the net. I found. That was the beginning of the beginnings. Further, at all the holidays she said proudly - “Here try this salad, this is from the Internet!”. That was 10 years ago. The salad was flying around with a bang.

Besides cooking, my mother loves the holidays. Well, you understand - toasts for neighbors, congratulatory speeches, how to celebrate the new year, etc. Then came the cottage, repair issues, etc. As a result, I was tired of looking for her information, and I showed her how to work with the Opera. These were the distant 1998-1999 years.

As a result, my mom is an Internet addict - she hangs on websites about summer houses, and culinary forums until 3 nights. He orders goods through online stores, looks at the weather and flights of friends. Rides to a party of flower forums. The phrase “This salad is from the Internet” doesn’t turn everyone on anymore, since in the parental home from the Internet practically everything that has appeared lately. At the same time, that I have an ordinary mother of our country - she hardly sends SMS and can not always find a way out of the deep menus of the TV decoder.

Useful effect: she can find everything herself. I think there is no need to explain how important this is in 57 years. Previously, I had to explain something, advise something ... now she will give odds to me in many matters! For example, my friend consulted with her which mixer is best to buy. Consulted on icq. By the way, we almost always communicate with her via icq. Very comfortably.

Recently at her place, the Internet did not work. Two days. It was a very difficult time.