Pioneer Demonstrates 400GB Optical Disk

The company Pioneer demonstrated a prototype of an optical recording medium capable of storing up to 400 GB of information .Disk Pioneer includes sixteen layers on one side, each of which can store 25 GB of data - as much as a standard Blu-Ray media format. The developers emphasize that new discs can be read in conventional Blu-ray players, which should simplify the commercialization of technology.
The release of sixteen-layer read-only drives, Pioneer intends to establish no later than 2010. Over the next two years, 400 GB disks supporting overwriting should appear on the market. And closer to 2013, Pioneer expects to introduce an optical drive that holds up to one terabyte of data.

By the way, it is worth adding that the other day Pioneer introduced a new computer drive BDR-S03J, capable of recording Blu-ray discs at a speed of up to 8x. In addition, the recorder can be used to record traditional DVD ± RW media and CDs. The BDR-S03J drive will go on sale early next year at an estimated price of $ 400.