Facebook Connect. Universal passport of the Internet.


What is Facebook Connect? In short, this is a service provided by the social network Facebook, with the help of which users can use other popular social sites using their username and password from the FB.

More specifically, we have before us an updated version of the API, created specifically for social inclination sites that have nothing to do with Facebook. It was first announced on May 9 of this year, and it was all presented as "the ability to connect your profile on the FB to any site that supports Connect." It was also added that the sites themselves will be able to expand the functionality of Connect, for their part, by screwing in interesting and possibly useful functions. Among all the advantages of the service, four main ones could be distinguished:
“Trusted” connection - The partners of the program go through a special verification process, and therefore the user can not worry about their information by connecting through Connect on any site. At the same time, the system’s mechanism does not require constant data exchange between partner servers and Facebook.

Information about the user - the user decides how much he wants to "light up". You can show or hide your photo, name, list of friends, groups, photo albums and so on.

For friends - at any time, you can share the information with friends, or invite them to read an interesting article. Developers will be able to add various widgets for Connect users to their sites - one of these widgets, for example, will let you know which of your friends have already checked in on the site that you are currently viewing.

Privacy - the creators guarantee the privacy of the user. All information that you do not want to put on display will remain hidden.

What will partner sites get from this feature? About 160 million potential users who can lead an active life on the site without spending time registering. User actions will be displayed in their news feed on Facebook, which will attract new visitors (for example, John zababil Facebook article on Habré). And most importantly, the “partners” gain access to Facebook’s friendlists, which they can use for their marketing purposes.


You will no longer need to remember 20 passwords, register 20 accounts and leave your data on 20 different sites.

In July of this year, Facebook developers during one of the IT conferences announced an incomplete list of project partners - this is Digg, and Twitter, and many other popular sites (see photo below). Not all of the partners, however, specified the date the Connect was installed on their sites. That is, it will be, but when - we will see. However, the FB guys just shone, and promised to expand the list of their partners.


A few months later, the launch date was announced - the choice fell on November 30, 2008. By that time, only two of the 26 project partners had fully integrated the system into their services - many wanted to see the final version, while others were waiting for changes in the license agreement. The system itself, meanwhile, has provided additional functionality. It is worth mentioning FriendLink - a utility that allows you to promote the popularity of the site among your friends who do not yet know about it.

The launch of the system, as promised, took place on November 30 and the "fight WebID to death" began. Already, many users managed to experience the new universal ID and at the moment everyone is very satisfied.

As you can see, Facebook Connect is the first attempt by the FB to allow its users to use their accounts outside the social network. I was able to try the system in action in the comments of the TechCrunch blog, and was satisfied - everything works. The creators have already appreciated the surge in the number of comments and intend to expand the functionality of the system. While Connect is buggy in the sixth explorer. Sure, correct. In the meantime, we enjoy and actively develop our social life. :)