jQuery in Action in Russian is already on sale

On the shelves of the bookstore books.ru appeared a translation of the wonderful book of Bera Bib and Yehud Katz “jQuery in Action”.

The link to the English original has repeatedly appeared on the hub, but now it can be read not only by English-speaking users (like me, for example))).


The publication is an introduction and reference guide to jQuery - a powerful platform for developing web applications. Describes in detail how to crawl HTML documents, process events, add support for Ajax technology to your web pages, play animations and visual effects. Unique “laboratory pages” will help to consolidate the study of each new concept on practical examples. The issues of jQuery interaction with other tools and platforms and methods of creating extension modules for this library are considered.

The book is intended for developers who are familiar with the JavaScript language and Ajax technology and seeking to create concise and understandable code. The unique ability of jQuery to compose "chains" of commands allows you to perform several sequential operations on page elements, resulting in a three-fold reduction in code.