“Championship.ru is designed for those who love sports”

Project Manager Lecture Championat.ru is by Dmitry Sergeyev specialization of students ' management in the field of Internet technologies " .

Designing and developing a successful Internet project is work, knowledge, the ability to communicate with people and a bit of luck. However, before starting your project, it is worth taking a closer look at the experience of those who have already gone this way. This will avoid many mistakes and develop more efficiently and successfully. Dmitry Sergeyev, the head of the project Chempionat.ru, spoke about the experience of developing and promoting his project.

“The audience of Russian users is divided into those who love sports and those who do not know about its existence,” Dmitry Sergeev described the mindset of the Runet audience. “Championship.ru is designed for those who love sports. I have devoted over four years of my life to this project. ”

“There is a large segment - sports Runet. Tops the list of sports Internet resources "Sport Express". We are in second place. Competitors are following us with a significant lag. At present, our audience is about two million unique users per month.

How and where did we start? The project was conceived by me personally. At the same time, I worked offline (although I initially left the Internet - I was engaged in online advertising). Initially, I did the project without a clear business plan, or rather, having it only in my head. First of all, I wanted to make a project for people, and that's why people went to this project.

Three times I tried to run Championship.ru. The third time I came to Pavel Golovin, who, as a result, became my partner and co-investor. He at that time already had a project dedicated to European football - Fnews.ru. I proposed to him on the basis of the engine of his website to make a project about Russian football. We agreed with several outsourcers and started. The functioning mechanism was then simple - we searched for sports news on various resources and published them on our website with a link to the source. Then it was allowed by law. We opened on March 11, 2005, and at first they did not pay much attention to us. As I said, at first we had two projects - Fnews.ru and Championship.ru. Then we combined them. We approached the 2006 World Cup thoroughly prepared. This allowed us to hit the big jackpot - we have formed a large audience. After that, we did not stop at reprinting other people's news and began to actively increase the staff of our authors. Our experts also began to translate news from foreign news sources. Our unique difference from other similar projects at that time was the availability of a database of sports statistics.

In the fall of 2006, the Russian football championship ended, and we had to decide where to move on. It was that fall that the Gazeta.ru resource sued us (they retroactively changed the agreement on the use of materials from their website and we were found guilty of copyright infringement). From that moment, other sports sources began to choke us. In order to secure ourselves somehow, we became the official media with the right to cite. But even this helped only in part, and we realized that hard times were coming. It was at that moment that they contacted me from a large company, SUP Fabrik, and suggested they develop a sports project. I agreed only on condition that I proceed to them with my project. As a result, SUP bought Chempionat.ru. Of course, initially in SUP there was an opinion that Chempionat.ru was just a by-product, unlike LiveJournal. Therefore, we decided to separate a little from them in terms of the formation of our own policies, while remaining their project. Over time, SUP began to realize that Chempionat.ru was a successful project. Thus, at present SUP is conducting three main projects - LiveJournal, Gazeta.ru and Chempionat.ru.

Next, we started opening blogs using the LiveJournal service. Blogs of athletes, sports figures. I myself would not have thought of this - this is the idea of ​​leadership SUP. This was done in order to increase the intersection of the audience of SUP projects. However, this is not entirely profitable directly for Chempionat.ru, because, in fact, we are losing a part of the audience that goes to blogs. And we can’t provide advertisers with profitable statistics showing us.

Our plans for the near future to change the design and structure of the site. We also plan to launch sports Internet television - Championship. TV and an online game based on real sports statistics. In addition to football, we began to develop towards a multisport portal. Many advertisers were afraid of being focused on football fans. It seemed to them that these fans were only interested in specific products, such as beer. Now advertisers are calm - they see that we have sections devoted to other sports and, thus, we are more attractive for advertising. But all the same, the share of football fans on our site is about 80 percent of the entire audience. ”

During the lecture, Dmitry Sergeev answered a number of questions from the audience.

- How many people work for you?
- The office currently employs about 35 people. Out of the office - about 60. Although people outside the office may receive minor compensation.

- How can you explain the popularity of the resource?
- I'm just a big fan of football and other sports. When I make a resource for fans, I understand what exactly they want to see on it. When you speak the same language with your audience, you will be successful.

- Do you collaborate with sites of sports clubs?
- Some of them post a link to our website for free, with some we collaborate on a paid basis.

- Where do you get video resources for your site from?
- We concluded an agreement on obtaining broadcast rights from NTV-Plus.

- Why do not you advertise in videos?
- Championship. TV - test project, launched only in August. We plan to place commercials in commercials next year.