Google curbs experiments

For ten years of its history, Google has scattered money left and right in creative ways that have never occurred to anyone before. She made it clear that long-term interests are more important to her than the immediate profit of investors. However, any fairy tale comes to an end.

A wave of anti-crisis measures to reduce costs reached Google, which has always been distinguished by a special attitude to its programmers. Now, some project managers are already saying that they cannot get equipment and personnel in unlimited quantities to implement their ideas. Google may also close offices in Dallas and Denver.

A week ago it became known plans to “significantly” reduce the number of contractors, of which 10,000 are now. By the way, among them there are not only cooks and masseurs, but also developers.

Unpromising and some pilot projects will be closed. Previously, the fate of the virtual 3D world Lively was already reported. Another service Google page creator integrated into Google Sites. Perhaps a sad fate will befall Google audio indexing and Google notebook (they can, if not shut down, then cut power).

In addition, Google discontinues many other non-profit programs that do not generate instant return on ad impressions. Yesterday, President of the company Eric Schmidt announced a large-scale plan to combat the crisis. “We must behave as people who do not know what lies ahead,” he said. Limitations will affect "everything related to uncertainty."

The company plans to introduce contextual advertising in all services, without exception. On November 17th, ads appeared on Google Finance , and very soon should appear on Google News .

Investments will no longer be sprayed, but will concentrate on the main areas: graphic advertising, advertising on mobile phones, online office software.

via Wall Street Journal , Silicon Alley Insider