Pay without extra moves

Lecture by the Director General of Yandex.Money Evgenia Zavalishina for students of the specialization “Management in the field of Internet technologies” . Yandex.Money payment system is one of the most common means of payment in RuNet. Convenience in replenishing an account, withdrawing money and making payments themselves has made many network users its customers.

“The concept of a means of payment is closely related to the term“ electronic commerce, ”Ms. Zavalishina noted at the beginning of the lecture. “At the same time, this term is rather philosophical, and it is difficult to define it unambiguously, in my opinion. But still - what is the ideal payment method?

So, the ideal payment method is when the buyer wants to buy a product or service and immediately bought them without making any unnecessary movements. However, there are no ideal payment methods. Each of them is more or less suitable for a specific situation and may be more or less convenient for a particular case. The first thing that comes to mind is that the most convenient payment method is banks. However, this is not relevant for Russia - due to its huge size and weak banking infrastructure (approximately 3.2 banking offices per 100 thousand people). It would be possible to solve this problem by implementing Direct Debit systems, but in Russia this is difficult to do due to our legislation. Sberbank was going to introduce such a system, but, in connection with the crisis, this idea hung in the air.
Before moving on to considering payment options, consider the concept of “payment” itself. The first association on this word is the transfer of money from hand to hand. In fact, payments consist of a number of stages: presenting an invoice, placing an order, authorizing a buyer, transferring funds, generating a reporting document, reconciling a payment. ”
Banks are not the only payment method, and then Ms. Zavalishina listed other payment options.
“I can list the following payment options: cash; bank transfers; electronic money; bank cards; prepaid cards and SMS. But how many options do you need in reality? What methods do ecommerce need? To select, you need to answer a number of questions.
It is necessary to determine the characteristics of the target buyer: does he have a credit card, and where is he located geographically; whether it is a spontaneous purchase or a deliberate payment; Estimate the degree of urgency of the purchase and the expected number of purchases. In addition, you need to take into account the technological capabilities of your business, especially the organization of delivery, ordering, shipping and billing. ”

Of course, when listing the features of various payment options, Ms. Zavalishina paid more attention to electronic money.

“The advantages of electronic money include the following:
- Information about the payment is instant.
- Pay conveniently, you can "do not get up from the couch."
- Delivery can go through the “same channel” - that is, you buy goods using the Internet and receive it in the same way. For example, music, content.
- It can be used with minimal technological integration.
- You can get a marketing bonus.

The only drawback of electronic money is I know - not everyone has it. ”
Concluding the lecture, Ms. Zavalishina switched to a small offtopic, which she called "Mobile payments and the legends that they exist."

“People who talk about mobile payments at home or abroad often mean and confuse three things. Payments from the operator’s account. For example, a Beeline wallet. It is expensive and difficult to manage risks. Volumes for this type of payments are small. Payments using mobile communication as a transport, as a method of communication. Payments using a mobile phone as an electronic device, an analogue of a credit card. That is, here the phone serves only for user authentication. "

During the lecture, Ms. Zavalishina answered a number of questions.
- How long is the payment history kept?
- indefinitely. The system has been operating since the late 90s and we have stored data even from that time.

- If a user was stolen as a result of a phishing attack, do you return it?
- We try to block the use of stolen passwords and are quite successful in this. However, if the theft has occurred and we cannot detect the thief, we simply cannot return the money - it is impossible to prove that the payment was not made by the user himself.

- Do you fight phishing?
- Yes, and very active. And lately - successfully. For this, we mainly use spam traps.

- Banks upon receipt of an amount in excess of 600 thousand rubles are required to report this. Is Yandex required to do the same?
- No, Yandex is not a banking organization, and we do not have such an obligation. So a large amount can be transferred to your wallet. We must provide information about this only by court order or during investigative measures.