Review of Qt programs

In this article, some people doubted that something worthwhile and popular could be written on Qt. I would argue with that. Therefore, this topic was written in which you can see a small list of popular programs and an overview of not-so-popular yet interesting projects written in Qt4.

Popular projects

Name Key Features Project site
Psi Jabber Instant Messaging
Opera Web browsing, email client, reading RSS
VLC Media Player Media player with support for many formats VLC
Skype Instant Messaging, IP Telephony
Google earth Virtual Earth Globe Drawn From Satellite Photos
Kde One of the many Linux desktop environments
Adobe Photoshop Album Manage digital photos on your computer
Virtualbox Virtualization system

Other programs from the official site of Qt

Some free habrahuman projects

Among open-source projects, there are a lot of those written using Q tools. One evidence is the site: . Even on Habrahabr there are people who contribute to the world of Open Source using Qt. Here is a list of several programs that are written by the hands of Habra-people.

Google сайт проекта | Screenshots MountManager is a well-documented Linux program designed to quickly and easily manage storage devices.
What does the program know?
  • Specify various mount options for devices
  • Describe some options in a more understandable language
  • Go back to previous settings
  • Support for extensions, which include: mounting images, NFS and Samba ball
  • Convenient Udev rule creation wizard for USB devices to configure auto-mount

Author: Assuri

Google сайт проекта | Screenshots LightLang is a state-of-the-art electronic dictionary system for Linux combining usability. Having gathered all the best, eliminating the shortcomings and adding a lot of our own ideas, we have created the most advanced program of this kind. Its design and architecture are fundamentally different from all analogues, the interfaces are clear and convenient, and the search capabilities exceed all expectations. Using LightLang is convenient and pleasant, whether you study the language, work as a professional translator, or you just need a program that helps to understand foreign texts - it will suit everyone.

Author: Liksys

SourceForge сайт проекта | Screenshots
Juffed is a free, cross-platform text editor for programmers and advanced users. Highlighting many programming languages, complementing code, finding and replacing regular expressions, supporting many encodings is a list of standard features of this Qt program.

Author: Mezomish

Other interesting projects

Qt-apps страница проекта | Screenshots
qutIM is a rather young project, but has already managed to become popular due to the fact that it is very similar to QIP. Linux users could not use QIP under their favorite platform, so many wanted something similar, but cross-platform. The qutIM project appeared just in time, and many switched to it. Support for various themes and icons makes this IM client a good alternative to Windows clients like Rambler ICQ or QIP. In addition, it is worth noting the ease of this application compared to the same QIP.

Qt-apps страница проекта | Screenshots
Many use Apple’s popular CoverFlow technology when flipping through albums on iTunes, iPod or iPhone, but Qt is no worse than Apple’s technology. The Qt PictureFlow widget is the same CoverFlow, but less heavyweight.

Perhaps this is not enough to prove the popularity of Qt programs, but this article accurately proves the success of Qt in the open-source field. Thanks for your attention.

PS The next article about Qt from me will be in the form of an overview of all IDEs that support this toolkit.