Opera 9.62 vs Opera 10.0 alpha 1

On December 4, 2008, the first alpha version of Opera 10.0 was released on the Presto 2.2 engine. Read more about this joyful event and engine innovations in the article written fidelich . And what gives the user a new engine in numerical terms, I will try to find out under the cut.

The testbed will be my laptop. Configuration:
Processor: Intel Pentium M 1.73 GHz
RAM: 1.00 GB
Operating system: Windows XP Professional sp2
Experiments will be, you guessed it, Opera 9.62 and Opera 10.0. I will conduct testing with a set of synthetic tests taken from the site http://nontroppo.org/ , before each test I will try to give a brief description of what the test is. Well, let's get started:

General Browser Load-Time Test

This test uses several timers to check page rendering speed. First Access - returns the time when the browser was able to access the DOM object at the top of the page. Doc Load - returns the time when JavaScript tells the browser that the document is loaded, but images and other things are still loading. Doc + Images Load - returns the standard OnLoad.
On the graph, the time of full loading of the page with images:

JavaScript Progressive Raytracer

The essence of the test is that JavaScript draws and paints the image pixel by pixel, the pixel is a div . The test has 2 options, “basic” (using a DIV of three pixels) and “full” (using a DIV of one pixel). First, the results of the "basic" test:
And now "full":
In the "full" test, the tenth opera demonstrates a performance increase of about ten percent. I think this is a good result.

Mesh transform

This test is taken from the Webkit Wiki, it tests the speed of the ECMAScript engine.

3D cube

Another test of the ECMAScript engine. The test has 2 options with a large and a small cube. In the graph, the test results with a large cube (average time of one turn):

Celtic Kane Mixed JS Test

The next JavaScript test produces a whole complex of various manipulations and gives the total execution time. Which is displayed in the graph:

Core dom performance

The test shows the speed of performing basic operations with the DOM:
The work of Presto 2.2 is very clearly visible.

DOM Animation Tests

During the test, the browser renders the animated image. In this case, not real images are used, but pixel-by-pixel image information stored by JavaScript array and DHTML to dynamically create animations. The test was performed in four versions: using tables , canvases , and two tests using divs ( first , second ):
In general, in my opinion, Opera Software experts did a good job on the new browser. And the first alpha version is already a good product. I will look forward to the release ...

PS thank you so much DYPA , without it, this article might not have existed.