LHC will be launched no earlier than July 2009

The photo on the left was taken in September, when the first protons were able to be dispersed in the Large Hadron Collider almost to the speed of light and collided with an absorbing device, as a result of which such particle beams were formed. However, nine days after this, the LHC failed due to mechanical damage. When we see such photographs again and whether we can detect the “particle of God” is still unknown.

CERN Agency published a budget TANK repair. According to them, this will require up to 35 million Swiss francs (about $ 29 million). Spare parts alone will cost at least 10-20 million francs (all equipment burned around the hole in the tunnel where the helium flowed out). But you still need to get 53 of 57 huge magnets from the tunnel, and then re-install them (28 magnets have already been dismantled).

Along with the appearance of the repair estimates, an internal document leaked to the press , which estimates the timing of the collider's re-launch - no earlier than July 2009.

Since the EU countries, as well as Russia and the United States, have already invested about $ 8 billion in the most complex scientific machine in the history of mankind, this time CERN will not apply to them for additional financing, but will try to fit into the current budget.

via New Scientist