Chrome goes beta

Google Vice President Marissa Mayer has officially announced the imminent withdrawal of Google chrome from beta status.

Obviously, immediately after that, the share of Chrome will increase dramatically. The fact is that now there is a large layer of potential users who are ready to switch to Chrome, but who are unable to do this precisely because of the formal status of beta. For example, such requirements in many large corporations, as well as for OEM-builders who are already eagerly awaiting the go-ahead to start preinstalling Chrome on new PCs . Most likely, it will be installed immediately complete with the Google Toolbar and all the settings for Google Apps. It is not surprising that we have seen so many many improvements in Gmail lately - this is Google preparing to launch its main product for the home user to enter the mass market.

The expansion will begin in January 2009, that is, in a month.

Google’s plans should upset Microsoft more than anything else, because in the future, Chrome could replace Microsoft's disparate application software with a centralized system. For example, using the open Native Client system, developers can create any software applications that work normally offline for Chrome.

via Techcrunch