Internet for legal entities cheaper in Belarus

In Belarus, the Internet is slowly but gradually getting cheaper, getting closer to civilized indicators. Today ADSL is an affordable pleasure for an individual, but for legal entities, Internet prices have remained high so far.

Since December 20, 2008 Beltelecom (byfly trademark) significantly reduces the cost of Internet access using ADSL technology. The megabyte anonym "1024/512" from December 20 will cost 980,000 rubles ($ 440 versus $ 700), which is already cheaper by more than 30%.
In the round-the-clock access packages, the previous tariff plans increase speed, but the price remains the same:
In the tariff plan "128/64 ″ speed increases to 256/128 kbit / s.
In the tariff plan "256/128 ″ - up to 512/256 Kbps.
In the tariff plan "512/256 ″ - up to 768/384 Kbps.