Fifth Startup Point at Justo Club

On December 7, the fifth Startup Point was held at Justo Club. Meetings of this kind are already becoming a regular event, attracting more and more startupers and sympathizers. The next seminar, as always, was rich, intense and, as it seems, useful for speakers and ordinary participants. As in previous cases, the co-organizer of the event was the innovative educational company RMA .

The format of the meetings remains the same as before - these are two-minute reports on projects (elevator pitch) with their subsequent uncompromising discussion (StartupLinch). However, there were innovations. A new entity has appeared - a lincher, an “official” opponent of a performing startup, participants now have “karma,” which can grow as a result of the activity shown. In addition, the proposal expressed at recent meetings was implemented - at the end of the meeting, startups shared their secrets, whose projects have already risen and are considered successful.

At the beginning of the meeting, Vitaliy Akimov, Project Manager, , spoke about the format and program of the seminar and introduced the speakers. The following is a description of the reports and questions that were asked by speakers.

“Our project is for travel enthusiasts. In it, the user can satisfy basic travel needs, from planning a trip to exchanging impressions, when, for example, he shares his reviews or posts photos. Thus, you can think through your trips, taking into account the reviews and responses of other travelers. We see the monetization of the project in advertising and additional paid planning services - booking, booking tickets. We are quite good at assessing the prospects for our development. ”

The linker of this project was “in the subject” - according to him, he himself had developed a similar site for a long time. On this occasion, he noted: “We have been conducting our project for a long time and successfully, but more successful competitors appeared on the market and we leaked all the traffic to them.” In this regard, Lincher’s first question was expected.

- Have you studied the market before you start?
- Yes, they did. We are better due to the fact that initially focused on similar Western platforms. Currently, in Runet, few people satisfy all the needs of the client in this area. There are no decent sites among Russian services.

- What is your difference from the project ?
- We looked at this project. Such a site encourages a very small part of our audience to share their impressions. Also, there are not enough additional funds for travel planning.

- How do you stimulate the exchange of impressions?
- In principle, we are moving towards vanity. Although people are different. Those who prefer to travel on their own spend a lot of time planning. At the same time, our project is multifaceted - not everyone wants to do only planning, some of the visitors just want to share their impressions, lay out their photos.

- What travel information can be found on the site?
- About any. You can find information about vacations in the suburbs or on a business trip where Obama was photographed.

“In fact, the best exercise for learning a foreign language is listening. We have added the capabilities of Internet technology to this process. The essence of the project is a site that provides a database of videos in English. The user listens to the text and tries to reproduce it in writing. The intended audience is people of 20 years of age who want to improve their language skills. ”

- Do you only use YouTube videos?
- No, we all store on the server.

- Could you clarify your goals for the next six months?
- For now - just start. Now the project is at the stage of a technical prototype. The launch is scheduled for February 1 of the coming year. In principle, I would like to have 4-5 thousand visitors per day.

- Where do you plan to get the content from?
- We are going to pay content builders. That is, they will be professionals.

“Our site is a product and service at the same time. We provide the opportunity to embed a billing system integrated into chat into your website. Ways to monetize the project - a percentage of each payment that is made through our system, and paid call-center services. The product is distributed mainly through its sale to large customers. We do not feel the need for current investments; rather, we are looking for a large strategic investor. ”

- How are you doing with communications licenses?
- Everything is done through the Internet here.

- Does your project have a license to accept payments?
- Yes, we have such a license.

- What is the essence of the product?
- This is an online chat that turns the operator into a sales assistant and allows him to conduct sales. At the same time, the completion of the online store site is minimal.
“This is a platform where visitors come to buy something, and where the seller comes to offer something. Sellers here are fighting for the buyer's order. Our main goal is to eliminate the possibility of cheating in sales. In this regard, our main problem is the attempt of some online stores to work with us on the principles of "cunning marketing". It is solved by the fact that we encourage the consumer to report all cases of fraud using all available communication channels. "

- Do you think that the market is ready for your service?
- Yes, we think so. And especially the crisis contributes to this. Now the competition for the buyer will increase more and more, and stores will begin to fight for the customer.

- How will you work with an increase in the number of users?
- Now we have two operators, but the system is scalable and can grow with the growth of transaction volumes.

- How do you attract online stores?
- At the moment we have about 80 stores. Previously, we went to them ourselves, and now, when we started, they go to us.

After the completion of the first part of the seminar and the break, during which, in fact, “session sessions” took place - backstage meetings of interest-related participants, Nikita Halyavin, founder of website , nominee of the Runet Prize 2008, spoke to the audience . At the beginning of the report, Nikita apologized for a little late: “Today I was late because of a pleasant difficulty - our server flew due to the large number of visitors. Everything, of course, has already been restored. Today, has reached peak values ​​over the period of the site’s existence. ”

Next, Nikita Halyavin touched on the history of the creation of the project.

“Professionals.Ru Network is a network for experts grouped by various fields of activity. The idea came to me last summer when I arrived in Moscow from Riga. My first problem was that I did not know where to find business partners. I saw that this niche is free, that the idea can be realized, then I wrote a business plan and began to go around all my friends and ask who could give the money. That is, I started with my circle of contacts, but then I went out to professional investors. The most important thing is the experience that I received when they refused me. If now I come to any venture fund with ideas, the probability that I will receive money is very high. ”

After the speech of the founder of the project, the creators of the startup told about the development of their project - they also participated in previous meetings. The presentation of the developer of , a project that serves to facilitate the aggregation of RSS feeds from various resources, was also interesting .

At the end of the meeting, the participants traditionally discussed the past event and talked about possible steps to improve Startup Point. In particular, as one of the proposals, the possibility of contacting the RMA company with a request to invite expert teachers to the meetings whose reports would be interesting to the participants was considered.