Adobe AIR for Linux leaves beta

Adobe yesterday released an official AIR release for Linux , so the Linux version is no worse than the Windows and Mac versions. Actually, now all three versions are absolutely unified, and in the future releases will be released simultaneously.

The new release includes full support for Flash 10, including 3D effects, high-resolution text rendering, custom filters, and DRM support. All these features are important for serious media applications such as photo and video editors.

After the unification of AIR under all platforms, there can now be no fragmentation of the audience, when users of Linux were unavailable with one or another functional of web applications. For example, before Linux users could not use the twitter client Twhirl , which requires Flash 10. Now all these problems are resolved.

The lead developer of the Adobe AIR project says that the next important step for the technology will be access to the mobile platform.

via CNET