NIC.RU lost domain

Habrauser kot9lpa He works for a company in which the following happened, then I quote him:
So, our studio took up the promotion of the site http: // (I changed the address) and everything was fine until we asked to transfer the domain management to our registrar. During the transfer, the following happened - NIC.RU lost the domain record and sent it to free domains. The domain was also intercepted. It’s an amazing fact - the domain was paid until August 2009.

As a result of many correspondence with registrars, this is what happened - the Coordination Center of the national Internet domain engaged in checking the work of RU-CENTER'a, up to a possible trial. At the same time, the current "owner" of the domain panicked and suggested that we buy a domain. How it will end is unclear, but I will try not to miss this information.

Our studio monitors the development of events according to letters from KTSND, if there is something interesting - I will inform you.