Nigma understands with one letter

We, the developers of, have introduced a new feature - now users can go to popular sites by pressing only one key.

Other search engines also recently appeared forms of autocompletion (tooltips), which are not much different from the forms of operating systems. Our form is better in that almost every word in the form is associated with a relevant site, the transition to which can be done by pressing the right arrow.

You can press the right arrow right after typing a few letters - then a site is selected that matches the most popular word starting with these letters. For example, typing “li” and pressing the right arrow will take you to

For the most popular sites, you don’t even need to press the right arrow - you can just hold down the corresponding key for a few seconds and go to the desired site. For example, by clicking on “in” and releasing the key after a couple of seconds, you will be taken to
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