Yandex.Tubes Analytical Center launched its website

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Today, the Yandex.Tubes Analytical Center team has opened its official website . On the site you can find out how the Center receives traffic data, in which cities the service is presented, what information products the Center offers to its partners.

The Yandex.Tracks Analytical Center was founded in July 2008 on the basis of the SMIlink Information Agency, which collects, processes, and provides information about traffic jams on Russian roads.

We collect and process traffic information in the cities of Russia and Ukraine. Then this data becomes available to users of the Internet service and the Yandex.Maps mobile application. We also provide traffic information to everyone who needs it, for example, radio stations, television channels and owners of information panels. And, of course, we are open to new contacts - visit our website!

Pavel Goldin and the Yandex.Track team