NVIDIA Ion - a revolution in the world of nettops and netbooks

A year ago, Intel introduced Atom processors and has since sold them bundled with the i945GC and i945GSE chipsets, which in turn are not distinguished by either efficiency or rich functionality.
Today, nVidia announced the NVIDIA Ion . This is a platform based on a single-chip GeForce 9400M chipset.


The first hare killed - wiring and dimensions. A bunch of a processor and one chip and a bunch of a processor and two large chips is a big difference.
The second hare is graphics. The GMA950 core integrated into Intel chipsets is hopelessly outdated. He is not capable of displaying high-resolution images, modern FullHD monitors are not supported, there is no support for accelerating FullHD video. The GeForce 9400M, on the contrary, supports both HDMI and DVI, allows you to connect modern 16: 9 widescreen FullHD monitors (1920x1080) and accelerates the decoding of any HD video stream, relieving the processor.

According to nVidia, a nettop (small computer) based on NVIDIA Ion can easily pull modern games, and even more so Windows Vista and Windows 7. In terms of energy consumption, unfortunately, there was no breakthrough, but it will not have to be cut. If your netbook runs on the Intel platform for 2 hours, then it will work the same on the much more interesting NVIDIA Ion.
Of course, nVidia is ready to prove the power and prospects of its platform. For this, a good 0.6-liter nettop was developed with such functionality that any Intel fan will not resist.

Judge for yourself, the NVIDIA Ion platform made it possible to equip a nettop:
HDMI, DVI and D-Sub
ports Two eSATA and one Sata II
Intel Atom 230 or 330 Processors
8 Gigabytes DDR III 1333 MHz (!!!)
Ethernet controller
Built-in 7.1 HD audio codec with a full set interfaces including SPDiF!
All this on a Pico-ITX motherboard (100x72mm), in a 0.6-liter case! For comparison, the most compact Intel nettop has a volume of 1 liter!
The estimated power consumption of the device is not more than 40W.

The first devices will be demonstrated at CES 2009 in Las Vegas.
Devices based on NVIDIA Ion will not be more expensive than Intel devices. Those. the cost of a nettop will start at $ 200, and a netbook at $ 250
UPD: Information on the Russian-language site nVidia