How to build and promote a successful online project

To roll out your own project from scratch, without experience, and not get bumps at the same time only with brilliant or very successful people. However, most have to step on all possible rakes scattered along the road to success. It is quite possible to reduce risks - for this you need to listen to the advice of people who have come this way, and correctly apply them in practice. Maxim Spiridonov, head of the Royber production center , is an expert who provides professional advice on promoting web projects. At his lecture for students of the specialization “Management in the field of Internet technologies”, the specialist consistently described the main steps to promote a successful Internet project.

First, Maxim Spiridonov spoke about his attitude to Internet projects with the implemented Web 2.0 technology.

“There is no difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. At least from a business point of view. From this point of view, there are only successful and unsuccessful projects. Over the past few years, the charm of Web 2.0 has been sweeping the wave of young people, especially web developers, who have seen new projects sell for millions of dollars. As a result, they strive to build something that would carry the signs of Web 2.0 and then, in their opinion, everything will happen. I saw in my memory 50-70 similar sites - with a decent design, but not working from a business point of view. The creators simply did not take into account that an Internet project should be treated like a business - to plan, track, find and invest money. Here, as in acting, knowing the plastic, the actions of the character, you need to go on stage and forget it. Know the technology basics when developing, но относиться к сайту как к коммерческому проекту».

Any project should begin by identifying a viable and competitive idea that would be profitable. The head of the Royber production center gave some advice on how to find such an idea.

“It’s worth starting with market research and finding a niche for your project.

• Suppose you want to build a project, but you still don't know where to start. First of all, think about the fact that you know what experience you have. As elsewhere, in Web technologies it is better to do what you can and what you know more about than an amateur.
• You need to build a business, not sell air.
• The idea should be from a well-known area or you can take a competent consultant whom you trust.
• It so happened that in the development of the Internet we are 2-3 years behind Europe, and 3-5 years behind the USA. Thus, you can try to see how your idea was implemented in Europe and the USA. That is, you get a certain time machine - you can see what will happen to your project in the future.
“Given all the factors that have been named, you can choose the final version of the idea.”

Then Maxim Spiridonov spoke about the preparatory work for the implementation of the project.

“First of all, we are preparing the project concept - a concise version of the description of the idea, audience, prospects, development paths, etc. When the concept is ready and there is an understanding between its authors, you can proceed to the preparation of a business plan. It consists of a number of components. I highlight five:

1. The idea. To keep the project alive. It can be represented in many ways - in a niche found, in an invention, in marketing.
2. The team. A team can sometimes be understood not as a group of people, but as one entrepreneur.
3. Money. They may be their own, borrowed, there may be some investor, included in the share.
4. Timeliness. She sometimes plays a crucial important role.
5. Good luck. A variable that is not predicted or calculated. It also happens that those who are not very happy with the idea and the team are so lucky.

Having created a business plan, we move on to the financial plan. We describe all the expenses, calculate the potential profit from the project, introduce various coefficients. The financial plan should ideally show all the expenses - all that you have to spend, distributed monthly, and approximately determine the profitability. When you have a business plan and a financial plan ready, you proceed to the terms of reference. Sometimes it is part of a business plan, sometimes it is not. This document should describe the project as fully as possible. So complete that any team, without involving you as a consultant, could implement it. Following the technical task or in parallel with it, it is necessary to determine the state. "This is very important, because people who know and can do something on the Web, as well as everywhere, are in short supply."

After describing the sequence of preliminary work, Maxim Spirdonov went directly to the topic of site development.

“What to choose for development - your team or outsourcers? It depends on how complex and technological your project is. Your team is convenient in that the code remains in the "farm". Therefore, the more complex the project, the more technological and original it is, the more desirable it is to take your team. You must also decide whether to write code from scratch or use CMS. Implementing CMS is faster and cheaper, but they have several disadvantages - lack of flexibility in settings, insecurity against malicious actions and low resistance to stress.

Separately, I would like to note the importance of adhering to the technological chain when developing a site. First of all, the issue with business logic is solved. Then the site pounces in interface design programs (MS Visio, Axura). Only after the design of the interface is the transition to design. Then comes the layout, which should be search engine friendly. Correct layout should be displayed well in all browsers. Programming can take place simultaneously with layout, but better after design development. And the last stage of development is integration, when everything comes together and can be displayed by the browser. ”

During the lecture, the head of the Royber production center also touched upon the issue of legal support for the development process of his project.

“Touching on the technical part of project development, we turn to legal issues. It is advisable to immediately create a legal entity for your project. For a legal entity, you can conclude agreements with performers in which you will no longer appear as an individual. There is an important point in the transfer of copyright and it is desirable that these rights be transferred to the firm. The daunting topic is patent filing. Obtaining a patent in Russia is not easy. However, if you have interesting findings - they should be patented. And to patent for yourself. ”

In addition, Maxim Spiridonov answered questions of specialization listeners.

- Does word of mouth work when promoting a project?
“It's as unpredictable as viral marketing.” You cannot predict its effect.

- What are the criteria used to calculate the cost of a Web project that is still being developed?
“I think you yourself know that.” There are techniques for the number of unique users, registered users, active users. But in Russia, unfortunately, there are no statistics on the cost of a registered user for calculation.

- How is the site transferred to the balance sheet when it is sold?
- The site can be considered as a software product. As well as a trademark, to be sold as a name. A domain may also be subject to sale. Separately transferred staff - as part of a company.

- How do you feel about the prospects for the development of startups in a crisis?
- Complex issue. Web startups are such a thing in which the psychological component is important. When everything boomed around Web 2.0 projects, it spurred startup creators. Now it has become harder - more and more care is taken not to lose pants and feed the family.