Tower Coworking Club: our response to the financial crisis

The first to suffer from the financial crisis were banks.

Then began the bankruptcy of enterprises.

Then the real estate markets, the car market froze ... Travel agencies generally close in packs. Nobody thinks about people anymore: many are fired, and will be fired even more in the first half of 2009. The rest will be cut salaries. Experts from the Ministry of Economic Development believe that the first to be hit are employees of the financial sector, trade, services and information technology.

The forecasts are disappointing. But "the devastation is not in the closets, but in the heads . "

  • In the minds of those who believed in stability when working "for uncle": they lost this stability, and now they will have to rely only on themselves and their decisions.
  • In the heads of those who failed to rationally rebuild the company: money goes through all the cracks, and attention to the issues of effective planning becomes the main factor in survival.
  • In the heads of those who, because of their distrust, destroy the business of partners: they clamp goods, slow down deals, raise prices - and you and your employees suffer from this.

Today is the best time to finally change. And this applies not only to the attitude towards risky lending or stable salary: first of all, it concerns the attitude towards life and business.

After all, the crisis is time for the small and flexible; too flexible to die, but smart enough to understand the importance of the moment. This is the best time for freelancers and novice businessmen. Remember the 90s - and those who made a fortune at this time ...

The crisis hits the most painful place - the wallet, and a person loses confidence in life. But for some reason, there are always those who meet the next problems with a smile on their faces, anticipating new opportunities: they are ready for change and know what to do. Are you one of these people? Not? Then we will pull you by the hair from the swamp and teach you to see the hidden possibilities of this life!

For when else, if not now?

Tower Tower Coworking Club,
with the assistance of all participants, current and former *,
launches the
Polygon project
for "small and free
" ones.
* as well as with the approval and support of

(Unfortunately, the project is limited to Yekaterinburg and the region, but we are ready to support morally and intellectually, if there are enthusiasts in other cities)
The idea: the
Polygon is a kind of training ground for young entrepreneurs: a sandbox where you can dig, experiment, analyze results and gain experience. The idea and the person are tested here for strength. But - with minimal risks, without fear of losing everything due to one stupid mistake.

Your benefit:
We, as organizers, guarantee participants that we will be able to protect them from complete failure, as well as provide support and training. For those who are just starting out, this means lower starting (most dangerous) risks. For those who are already operating, this means a reduction in the “price of error”: excessive costs for renting premises, advertising, searching for partners or employees. And if expenses are less - more incomes!

How do we guarantee this:
We will provide the participant with a business minimum: equipped jobs, a ready-made legal entity with an accountant and a lawyer, experience and connections of former and current participants. If you wish, you can use our database of ideas (containing experience in the development of about 30 projects). It is recommended to be involved in a collective solution to complex problems - to gain new knowledge.

No expenses that the participant will go into the process will not take this minimum from him. No decision passed through the filter of experience of those who have already gone this route will be approved if it is really dangerous. And only if you do not accept, contrary to the advice of everyone else, such a decision at your own peril and risk, we guarantee that you will succeed.

  • There will be no commanders and commanders. We position ourselves as investors: we do not lead, but provide support.
  • Freedom of opinion and thought is welcome. The fewer frames you set for yourself, the more options you get.
  • Plagiarism and theft of business are excluded. This is unprofitable for us, because we will have to delve into the details, spend time, and other participants will suffer. This is not beneficial for the rest, because we do not accept those who could be beneficial.

Our benefit:
At the Polygon stage, we do not receive any profit from you. All these 3 (6, 12 - how much is needed) months we just help to grow, we put in our strength and knowledge. But after the start of your business, when you are ready to leave the sandbox and grow on your own, you decide: do you agree to a further partnership? And if you see the benefit in this - we are connecting more closely and developing the project together, gaining a share in the future company.

The share is discussed, but not less than 15% and not more than 75%.

The Polygon is a living confirmation that someone is dying during a crisis and someone is getting on their feet.

Get connected!

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