Interfaces, usability and computer games

New control interfaces are changing computer games. More recently, there was a note on Habrahabr about domestic developers of touch screen panels , and in this you can already see how the touchscreen changes the control of the third part of Warcraft.

And what is the Wii prefix worth! Now you do not sit on the couch, and pump not only the virtual skills of your hero, but also your own health. True, it is worth recognizing that some game control systems have some ergonomic miscalculations .

It would seem that the gaming environment is too specific for the application of well-established approaches to usability testing and designing computer program interfaces. Однако, специалисты компании Bolt | Peters used the “thoughts-by-ear” fixation method to test Spore with 59 players.

Knowledge in the field of cognitive psychology and usability should be applied in the process of designing games. On the design features of computer game interfaces, an article by Taras Korol “Computer game as an interactive interface” , published on