Eclipse PDT - DIY Zend for Eclipse

With the release of the latest version of Zend it passed a long time, and Habré regularly slipped debate about which is better - Zend for Eclipse or Eclipse PDT, in which I always took part. Today, I will allow myself to disturb the audience with my gaze on the subject, I will tell you about all kinds of plugins and you yourself can decide what you need.

Php editor

Both versions use PHP Development Tools as a PHP editor . Zend programmers took part in the development of PDT and in this regard there is a (not unfounded) opinion that PDT eats away customers from Zend .

For us it is important that there are no differences between them from the point of view of PHP.


Work with HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript files is carried out by the Web Tools Platform project . Everything is fine here except for JavaScript - features are not ah. There are many alternatives. For starters, this is - of course -


Aptan can be safely called a heavyweight. It provides a complete set of tools for developing web2.0 applications. Powerful HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Rubi on Rails, Python editors. But her strength - for me - is weakness. First of all, I need a good JavaScript editor; I already have everything else. Therefore, we go further:

Spket IDE

Also did not take root, for similar reasons. Although, if it supports Ext JS (as announced), it is worth paying closer attention to it - Ext JS is large and its documentation is large; if the IDE knows all of its objects, their methods and constructors are a big help. But I'm looking for something simpler -


This is what I was looking for. It is ascetic what document and prototype know, it understands my objects and suggests their methods. Well, fine.

Version control

The Zend and PDT comparison page says that PDT does not support Subversion. This, right word, is strange. Tigris regularly updates Subclipse , a plug-in for supporting SVN in Eclipse. And in the Eclipse repository there are Subversive .


Zend comes with PHPUnit. I do not know, I have not tried it. I settled on Simpletest . Everything is working properly.


Until recently, this was, yes, a problem. There was no decent open plugin. Recently, however, the Remote System Exlorer plugin (the same as in Zend) has appeared in the Eclipse repository, which provides FTP, SFTP, and SSH ...


Work with SQL is provided by the Data Tools Platform plugin . He is the same for everyone, everyone is the same.


phpDocumentor connects (you just have to google it) to any Eclipse, here Zend is again not talked about.

Debugging and Profiling

This is the moment Zend is worth buying. If the debuger connects to the PDT without problems, the profiler is available only to the elite.

But what about UML?

Of course, Visual Paradigm is the coolest and their editors can be installed in Eclipse. But their programs are distributed under their own license, and even the community edition prohibits commercial use. Why buy a gun to shoot at sparrows?
Recently found a completely wonderful AmaterasUML plugin . Only four types of diagrams can be drawn, but I am not a project manager, but a developer, I have enough of that. Nearby lies another indispensable plugin - AmaterasERD - for visual database development. Of course, he knows how to generate SQL.


Well, of course, there is Mylyn - a task manager with integration with bugtrackers .

Regular expressions

I will mention only one - QuickREx . Of course, he has competitors.


I remained on the scales: a profiler on the one hand and 399 dollars on the other ...
I do not want such an expensive profiler.