Gift wrapping in a geeky way

New Year's holidays are coming. Time to give presents. In my opinion, gift wrapping matters. I personally love to receive beautifully packaged goods. And about the girls in general the conversation does not go :).

It’s not necessary to spend money on packaging in supermarkets. Sculpt a regular bow and pack it in standard brown paper. You can show a little creativity. If the gift is small, packaging will not cause any problems. At first I tried to search in Google how to properly pack gifts, but I could not find anything sensible in 5 minutes. Because I just turned on my head! With scissors and transparent tape on hand, it’s very easy to pack anything without any instructions, the main thing is a little accuracy. It took me about 30 minutes, given the training wrap :). If there is dexterity, it is quite possible to stack for 5-10 minutes.

Materials and tools

  • Paper (the denser, the better, less likely to wrinkle the paper ugly)
  • Transparent adhesive tape (double-sided adhesive tape would be useful, but this is rare, I didn’t have it at hand)
  • Twisted pair (the brighter the paint of the wires, the better :)
  • Stationery knife
  • Scissors
  • Cut and lo (as I call the tool for stripping and cutting twisted pair HT-501)
  • Printer (any ink available at hand is not needed here, it’s nicer to tear the packaging anyway)


We print out a suitable pattern, favorite wallpaper or a beautiful texture on paper. Maybe make some kind of jigsaw puzzle. With textures and mosaics, it is easier to fit the paper to the packaging object. We wrap the gift by cutting off unnecessary paper and stitching the seams with tape. We make a bow out of twisted pair wiring, to the gray color of my brown paper I chose orange and green pairs.