Nigma Features Collection 2008

So, 2008 is inexorably coming to an end - it's time to take stock. This year for Nigma was a real creative breakthrough. We worked hard and were able to launch a record number of useful services for our beloved users.

We present to your attention the Nigma-features collection 2008:
  1. Interpretation of abbreviations is a base of 200 thousand English and Russian-language abbreviations. GDP
  2. The solution of equations. Nigma can solve equations, systems of equations - there is still a lot of list of problems to be solved . x2-3x + 2 = 0
  3. Fresh news - the ability to see the latest news related to the request directly on the search results page. Putin
  4. Autofill with the ability to go to the most popular site already at the stage of entering a query into the search bar.
  5. Nigma-chemistry - search in the base of inorganic reactions. KOH + H2SO4
  6. Nigma music. With this function, all users can listen to their favorite melody right on the search results page. vivaldi seasons
But there is more to come! Some of the developments are still at the stage of closed testing, but already in January 2009, Nigma users are waiting for new useful services, as well as significant improvements to existing ones.
We congratulate each Habrahabr user on the upcoming 2009! We wish you creative success, bright victories and positive emotions.