Microsoft licensing issues? Do you know about the Step Toward program?


I thought for a long time about whether to write this post or not to write, because I suppose that he will have a heated discussion in the comments about how everything (in MS) is bad (read difficult) with licensing of products :) I agree that it is not so simple as we would like, BUT, remember the words of the public a couple of years ago : Microsoft doesn’t offer us options, etc., that is, people complained about the lack of choice, now the situation is the opposite: the choice is too large and not always so understandable :) We are trying to find a middle ground, I hope you understand this ...
But enough talk, it's time to get down to business :) We created the Step Towards program , the website of which is located at . The program provides extensive information support on the following issues:
- software licensing,
- managing licenses as an asset of the organization
- confirmation of the legality of installed software during inspections (including the possibility of receiving by fax from us an official form a list of acquired licenses, as well as explanations of controversial issues that arose during verification)
Support is implemented in the form of:
- a set of documents and a FAQ on (a good example is the Licensing Basics document )
- hotline 8 800 200 80 01 (the call is free from anywhere in Russia and anonymous, no need to be afraid, no one will track you over the phone and check the legality of your entire infrastructure, we just want to help you)
- licensing trainings for customers, special trainings for corporate lawyers, as well as special offers through partners .

I want to add on my own behalf that on our Technet forums there is a whole section on Licensing in which you can ask questions.

PS I hope the site will be useful to you. That he will find answers to at least part of your questions. And do not hesitate to call the hotline, they will definitely help you there!