Packard Bell EasyNote BG46. Almost ideal for 16930r.

I have long wanted a netbook for myself. Already decided to take the Asus eeePC, but recently walked past the White Wind shop and out of the corner of my eye noticed this handsome man. He came closer, looked at him, and immediately only one thought “I want to!” Began to spin in my head. Yesterday, after much reading about the laptop and the manufacturer, I finally got it. It took a day to get comfortable, so now I’m ready to write a mini review.

So here it is:

Processor: Intel® Pentium® dual-core processor T2390 1.86 GHz.
Video Card: Intel® GMA X3100 128MB.
RAM: 1 GB DDR2 + 1 free slot for OP.
Hard Drive: SATA 160GB.

More detailed characteristics of this handsome man can be found on manufacturer’s website . A huge plus is the availability of a free slot for RAM and easy access to it with a screwdriver. ) So, it’s better to immediately buy more RAM and add quietly at home, otherwise the laptop slows down a bit. By itself, there is support for OP in dual channel mode.

Packard Bell

Quite convenient, CTRL is located where it should be. True, the right Shift let us down, located behind the UP button. In general, it is very easy to get used to it, on the four.


One of the most important things for a laptop. I had 2 hours to watch Dr. House and work with wifi without charging. Just a laptop lay for almost 3 hours. Charging the laptop is not heavy, rather small, the cord is long, so such a working time is quite acceptable. By the way, as Packard Bell promise, from February 2009 more capacious batteries will appear on sale.


Glossy, diagonal 12.1 ″, resolution 1280x800. No complaints. The horizontal viewing angle is not ideal, but for a small laptop for such an amount it’s even nothing. I can’t tell you exactly the viewing angles, but on a vskidk it is 60 horizontally and 30-40 vertically.


Minimal Laptop, charging, pieces of paper, polystyrene. All. Nothing more.)) From the software preinstalled Windows Vista, MS Works and a bunch of different trials.

The result.

Great laptop for great money.) Personally, I'm not a bit disappointed in it, but insanely happy. I think it is not in vain that the Limited Edition is written on the laptop, because obviously Packard Bell came to the Russian market and decided to immediately express itself in full, releasing a really excellent laptop at a nice price.

I found only two minuses:
  • The right shift is behind the UP button. This is a slight inconvenience.
  • The power button is in a very inconvenient place. If you try to take the laptop on the left, you can inadvertently press the button.

  • Great design.
  • Cool round touchpad. :)

Packard bell
Immediately decided to write a little about the company, since it is not well known in Russia. Packard Bell is currently a subsidiary of Acer. The company itself was founded in 1926 as a manufacturer of radio equipment. In 1978 was acquired by Teledyne. In 1986, Packard Bell began manufacturing computers. The company has made quite good progress in this direction in the USA and has become one of the leaders in the European market. In 2008 was purchased by Acer. By the way, the first advent of the company to Russia was before the 1998 crisis.

You can read more about the company on Wikipedia .

P.S. Не судите строго, первый пост на Хабре.