A simple way to create a color scheme (palette)

Good afternoon, friends, I want to tell you one secret that helps me quickly and correctly find the color scheme for the site. I ask you not to judge strictly, maybe some of you know this technique, but my friend didn’t know when I told him how easy it is to find colors for the color scheme of the site - he was struck by the simplicity of the solution. I do not pretend to be unique, or to discover a new method, I just know this, and it helps me.
In order for us to create a color scheme. We need such a good program as Adobe Photoshop, and almost any version will do. Special knowledge of working with Photoshop for this t.s. the trick is not NATO, everything is done literally in a couple of clicks.
The whole process:
1) Let's say we make a site about tours to Egypt. Egypt is a desert, therefore, we are looking for a photo with the image of the desert in all of our beloved Google.
2) Open the photo found in Photoshop, in the menu look for Filters-> Pixelate -> Mosaic . In the Mosaic effect control window that appears, move the slider so that the minimum color remains in the picture, but at the same time, bright, saturated colors remain. Here, the actual color scheme is ready, but ...
But ...
In the resulting color scheme, there are probably more colors than the ones recommended by professionals 7, so you need to get rid of secondary colors. What is incidental and what is not, as a rule, you should not make mistakes.

Here are some examples:

I am sure this will help you significantly reduce the time it takes to create a color scheme for the site. I would be grateful for the reviews.