The birth of an idea. We force events.

This article is a continuation of the article Birth of an Idea. How to come up with a bike.

Imagine a situation where we need to come up with a fresh, creative idea for blood from our nose. This happens periodically. For example, we have a free week and we decided to spend time profitably. Presented? Let's start.

The basis will again be abstract objects, which we will choose absolutely by chance. For the purity of the experiment, these will be the most commonplace things that are in almost every home: an eraser, a pencil and a sheet of paper. I emphasize that this method is applicable not only to material things. In the same way, you can come up with something virtual. Go.

Let's start with the “Paper Sheet” object. It would seem that the most ordinary subject in which there is nothing unusual. How to "pump it"? What can you think of? We draw a table in which we highlight three key points: what, for whom, and why.

In this case, the “what” is a piece of paper. Everything is clear here. Let's look further. We will start from the point “why”, because the subject is so banal that finding a consumer is not difficult. Why can our superfood paper be used? Sketch in the table:

  • Printers, photocopiers.
  • For handwriting in schools and institutes
  • Service forms, notifications
  • Flyers, advertisements
  • Tickets, flyers.

Let us dwell on these points. Let us highlight the general features of these categories of objects: the first three paragraphs are, as a rule, A4 format, have serious content, and the last two are usually of a small format and are filled with advertising content. We will continue to compile our table. Now let's try to describe who these two groups are for.

  • The first group is serious people, quite conservative, some of the papers have a standard that you can’t move away from.
  • The second group - Advanced youth, party people, people interested in information, or potential victims of promotions.

See what happens? The first group almost falls out of further development itself, since there are many restrictions on the change in the object. In fact, this does not mean that nothing can be invented for them, we are just solving the problem of the speed of the idea's birth and we don’t have too much time. In addition, the introduction of creative in this group will be noticeably complicated, but we do not need this. But the most important thing is that the second group has much more money, which will make it possible to obtain more guaranteed profit in the future, provided that our idea is cheap. In general, we move on.

What do flyers, announcements, tickets and flyers have in common? There is only one answer - mass distribution from hand to hand. These papers are transmitted by contact and carry information that must be read by the user. Read ... Must read ... It seems we are hooked on the idea, but it is still too transparent. We push our elbows further. All these papers are obtained, used and transferred in public places, on the streets. Tickets and flyers, as a rule, go to clubs, theaters, cinema halls. We are already somewhere nearby.

Let's draw a line and discard the information slag that has accumulated as a result of our reasoning: we have a youth audience mixed up with potential advertising victims who carry with them some paper that they should read when they are in a public place, club, theater ... Again, this is “Read” . And what, in fact, can prevent us from reading a text from paper, and even in a club / theater / cinema? Feel it? Childbirth is close! The correct answer is darkness! We need to solve the problem with paper backlighting and all business. How? Let's say we make paper that will glow in the dark around the edges. Having bent the luminous corner to the text to be read, we at least see something. Thus, you can highlight the ads on the porches, leaflets, tickets for parties and other papers that should always be visible in the dark. Conveniently? Undoubtedly. Feasible? We are considering a hypothetical example, so yes. That's all! During the writing of the article (about 30 minutes), we gave birth to an idea from the ground up for further feeding, using the simplest item in everyday life.

Further I will provide only data on the remaining two subjects. It is possible that what is described here already exists, but so far we are not paying attention to it. The main process for us.



  • Чертежные работы
  • Рисование
  • Школьные принадлежности
  • Офисная канцелярия

Объединяем по общим признакам: Чертежные работы + Рисование (незаменимый предмет), Школьные принадлежности + Канцелярия (не самый важный предмет). Останавливаемся на первом пункте.

Для кого?

Художники, иллюстраторы, чертежники, простые люди для стирания набросков.

Думаем: Используется когда надо стереть, то, что плохо нарисовано. Все рисуют. Используют инструменты для рисования. Создают рисунки. Рисунки. Рисовать.

Идея: Ластик, который может рисовать. Как? Две один уголок на ластике состоит из красного материала, который оставляет ровную красную полосу на бумаге, если им провести. Служит для быстрых пометок на бумаге, подчеркивания, перечеркивания.



  • Рисование
  • Чертежные работы
  • Школьные принадлежности
  • Офисная канцелярия
  • Ковыряние в ухе
  • Жевание

Объединяем по общим признакам: Рисование+Чертежные работы (главный инструмент), Школьные принадлежности+Офисная канцелярия (бывает нужен), Ковыряние в ухе+Жевание (Just for fun). Я остановился на последней, так-как это серьезный инструмент для тех, кто с ним работает и маловероятно что они захотят в нем видеть изменения.

Для кого?

Школьники, простые люди в качестве предмета на столе, креативные люди

Думаем: Нужен на парте, на столе в качестве «чтобы было». Используется по назначению не всегда. Чаще всего для баловства. Для развлечения. Развлечение.


1. Стратегический карандаш, который лишь на треть карандаш с подвижным механизмом. Сгибая его он принимает Т-образную форму. Карандашная часть становится рукояткой, а вторая половина представляет собой трубку для плевания жеваной бумагой.

2. Жевательный карандаш. Либо съедобный, либо пищит «Мама», когда стискиваешь его зубами. Игрушка в общем.

In general, as we see it is quite simple. I do not argue, for this it is necessary to have a certain mentality and imagination, but, believe me, nothing supernatural is required. You just need to correctly, with the method of exceptions, evaluate the target user and the niche need for the subject. I can say that I use this method all the time and it never let me down.

This article is a continuation of the article Birth of an Idea. How to come up with a bike.