Windows programs on iPhone, coming soon

Citrix , a long-established and confident in the software market, asked one simple question in its blog : “What a cool application does not work on the iPhone ... so far?”. The answer, however, is given right there.

It is likely that in the near future such an application may not be found in Windows. The reason for this is the Citrix Receiver project, which is being developed by the mentioned company. The essence of the work is simple - a remote connection to a PC and an almost complete illusion of running Windows on an iPhone, including the ability to copy-paste.

What about compote? Citrix Receiver, according to one of the developers will be able to not only run and work under a remote desktop and copy-paste. The following possibilities are promised: the normal functioning of websites with a flash, medical applications, programs that require IE as a browser (it is not clear why). Naturally, connecting the smartphone itself to the computer is not necessary for this - the Receiver will also work over the network (including wireless).

And although this is not the first desktop remote control application, Citrix is ​​the second largest company after Microsoft to enter the iPhone market. It is hoped that all this will make us happier, and not vice versa.

In case the list of functions seems to you insufficiently complete - Citrix developers suggest that any reader add those opportunities that, in his opinion, could really open your eyes to a bright future.

Citrix blog via Gizmodo