Resources on Silverlight in Russian - for the New Year holidays :)

Back in July, I wrote a current list of Russian-language resources for Silverlight and Expression, which was current at that time. Immediately promised to regularly update, and the upcoming weekend with the opportunity to learn something new have.
So, let me remind you of the central resources on Silverlight, though in English - for users , for developers .
Well, now in Russian.

15-minute TechDays introductory videos - for those who don’t know anything or almost nothing about Silverlight: Traditionally, the list of reports at our Silverlight events is hourly reports, from newer to less: Rollers at TechDays Level 200 - for those who want to understand various aspects of the technology: Deep rollers on TechDays level 300 - for those who want a detailed analysis:
On Sergey Pugachev site has already collected 16 training screencasts on Silverlight 2.
The new community site Silverlayter constantly updated with new materials - videos, articles, blogs, news. Also on Silverlight are now translated articles previously posted on
The screencasts of Turbomilk designer Denis Kortunov about Expression Studio products are still in place and still very original .
And finally, the latest free e-book in Russian, " Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight 2 " by Lawrence Moroni. Here is a direct link .
Please leave interesting links in the comments that I did not mention - let's collect useful materials on Silverlight technology together. All the latest news can always be found on my blog (including via RSS ).