Safely Remove in Windows 7

Let's recall how many inconveniences make up the “Safely Remove” USB flash drive in Windows. You need to find the corresponding icon in the tray, open its menu and, most difficult, guess the necessary device.
Here's how it was in Windows XP:
In Windows 7 beta 1 (build 7000), the entire “safe extraction” interface was redesigned and made more convenient.

Menu in the tray

The menu has become a tree. Disk volumes are children of their physical devices.
TrayMenu.png - image uploaded to Picamatic
In the screenshot, the “I TINYAKOV” is an ordinary flash drive, and “J: \” is a multiport card reader. As you can see, it is now easy to determine the desired volume, as their labels are displayed.

Safe Eject Window

If you click on “Safely Remove Hardware”, the corresponding window opens:
As you can see, this window allows you to conveniently unmount disks, run autorun or the Explorer window, and troubleshoot.

Removing a busy device

And, most importantly, the innovation - when you try to unmount a disk occupied by some process, the following window appears:
It allows you to cancel the extraction, try again and continue, despite the open files.
I checked the last function by starting the copy and unmounting the USB flash drive. The result is positive - the drive is unmounted, copying failed.

P.S. С Наступающим тебя, хабрачеловек! =)