How to trick the Good Corporation or buy Nexus 7 in Russia without google lottery

In a recent article on Habré, they already talked about how to purchase on Google Play in the Devices section directly from our outback. The topic is undeniably interesting: Nexus 7 has not yet been found in Russia and neighboring countries, and Galaxy Nexus, most likely, will simply cost you significantly more, unless, of course, you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg. The only problem is that the recipe turned out to be somewhat unstable: personally, the Most Good Corporation suspected me of fraud in personal data, and judging by the comments, I was not the only one.

A week of torment and attempts to deceive Google Wallet led to a positive result in the form of the ability to buy anything and anywhere on Google Play, moreover, the solution, strictly speaking, lay on the surface and did not require any complicated actions.

Under the cut a new recipe and just a few screenshots.

To begin with, let's hope that you have not yet tried to make a purchase and that your mailbox does not yet have a letter from Google Wallet informing you that your account has been blocked. If this is the case, you will have to, like me, create a new Google Account from scratch especially for purchases. Blocked funds will be returned to the card in just a few hours while you deal with the rest.

1. Shipito.

The first thing to do is create an account on shipito . In principle, now there are many alternatives, some of them are slightly cheaper, but I am a supporter of proven solutions. You will be asked for $ 8.5 prepayment, which will immediately be credited to your account. Later they will be able to pay for the services of the service. Now is what we came here for. The “Your Shipito and Home Address” tab will appear in your account, in which you can find two of your American addresses and another Hong Kong address on the left. We select the address (I personally chose the address in California, but I was advised to choose the second one after the fact: it is tax-free and you can save about $ 30) and write it down, it will come in handy several times.

2. Qiwi Visa Card.

The next service we need will be a Qiwi wallet . He pleases us with the fact that Qiwi does not particularly zealously care about the accuracy of the personal data you specify (unlike the Good Corporation). Here you must first register the wallet itself, then create a virtual card. Personally, it’s more convenient for me to use QVC, since it has a common account with the Qiwi account itself, which I also sometimes use, in addition - it is a little cheaper to use than QVV. In the cardholder data, indicate the same address from shipito. If you already have a QVC - you can simply create a new one, the cost of the card is small.

3. Google Wallet.

It remains to connect the newly created card to Google Wallet. We go in, create an account, if it’s not there, specify the same address from Shipito, and where we need to specify the phone, write any gibberish (Google does not check it), the main thing is that the correct phone code of the place where you are supposed to be : I have indicated the code (310) for California. When you connect the card to your account, $ 1 will be blocked on it. Google will return it before the second coming, so that you can forget about it.

4. Tor.

If now you try to go to - Google will say that you do not live there and talk, and even more so - it is not going to trade with you. The solution to this problem is simple - the Tor browser . Download, install. To show the browser that we want to notify the whole world that we are in America, you need to add only two lines to the
{Tor} \ Data \ Tor \ torrc file :
This is enough to make Google Play kindly open all doors for you.

5. Purchase, Round 1.

Now we need to actually place an order. We go to Google Play , choose what and how much we need, make a purchase through the created Google Wallet account. Money on the card is blocked, Google writes a letter of thanks to us, and we are waiting for the outcome. There is a good chance that this will end, the payment will go away and you will only have to redirect the package from shipito to yourself in a couple of days. Do not forget that USPS does not carry lithium and you need to choose Airmail Priority!

But it may come out wrong.

Then in a couple of minutes, Google will send you another email with the heading "Order Canceled". The text of the letter may vary, depending on the severity of the crime in which Google suspects you. It’s important for us that now instead of the Google Wallet account page, we’ll see a stub for a typical support call:

Account Verification

But we are honest people and all the documents about it are in our hands! We will scan any identity document (I used a Russian passport in general, you can take a passport or rights), and then the main number of our program: we make an extract on the card. To do this, go back to the Qiwi wallet and go to the "Working with Cards" section, there, in the "Reports" section, select the card you need, set the report deadline more authentic and generate a report, and then an extract. If the card is new, as I had you should get something like this:

Card statement

On the right is the very data that Google wants from us. You don’t need to do this, we only gloss over our card number there, except for the last four digits (you never know ...) and the helmet received in support of Google as a Bank Statement.

Google will immediately assure you by mail that it will be sorted out within three business days. I got an answer already on the first day (adjusted for the difference in time zones).

6. Purchase, Round 2.

Finally, Google Wallet starts working again, and we have a typical apology letter in our mailbox:
We can calmly go back to Google Play and place a new order that is already completely legal from the point of view of the Good Corporation. Already after one and a half to two business days, if the goods are in stock, you will receive it at the shipito warehouse. Again don't forget about Airmail Priority! From there, delivery takes an average of two to four weeks.

On this quest is completed, it remains to wait and become the happy owner of the coveted device.

UPD: In connection with the release of Nexus 4, a new instruction from the habravchanin andrey_snegovik appeared .