Nokia Developer Days: Video Recordings

A little over a month ago, we held Nokia Developer Days, a two-day event for developers writing applications for Nokia platforms (Windows Phone, Series 40, Symbian ^ 3) and using Nokia products to write their own applications (for example, Nokia Maps). Today we publish videos of all the speeches from this event. For convenience, we duplicated the corresponding presentations under each video.

Opening speech by Sergei Rudenko, Nokia

Sergei Rudenko, head of Nokia’s developer engagement department, opened the event with his introductory report, in which he shared plans for the company's development, as well as incentive programs for developers, without which this development would not work. Interesting fact: Sergey showed his presentation with Nokia Lumia 800.

Opening speech by Mikhail Chernomordikov, Microsoft

The second was Mikhail Chernomordikov, head of strategic technology experts at Microsoft. In his speech, he continued the speech of Sergei Rudenko, but already from the point of view of Microsoft. Michael shared the current growth rates of the Windows Phone 7 platform, and also spoke about the innovations that Windows Phone 8 will bring to us.

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Nokia Developer Features

The third talk was about the capabilities of Nokia developers. The development prospects for Nokia Asha (Series 40) and Windows Phone were told by Naresh Chouhan, head of strategic marketing for developers at Nokia. And so that everyone would believe his words - he confirmed his words with very beautiful graphs and numbers. Attention, the report is in English.

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Monetization and promotion of applications for Windows Phone

About monetization of applications said Michael Chernomordikov from Microsoft. He began his speech from afar, sharing data on average users and their preferences - however, this is extremely important information that should be kept in mind when developing applications. After that, Mikhail spoke about various tricks and tools for monetizing applications, as well as about the main channels for promoting applications - including Nokia and Microsoft channels, as Sergey Rudenko spoke a little in his opening speech.

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Monetization and integrated billing

Orne Cesis, account manager at inneractive, talked about monetizing free apps and built-in billing apps on the Nokia Store (as well as Marketplace, Google Play, App Store, etc.) using the developments of the company where she works.

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Best affiliate projects

In the report “Best Partnership Projects,” Sergey Lutai, head of the Mobile Application Development Department at Digital Cloud Technologies, shared his experience of changing the company's business direction from developing web projects towards creating mobile applications, and also talked about the development and monetization of applications after they are published on Windows Phone Marketplace - these tips from experienced developers will be useful to many novice developers for Windows Phone.

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Location Services

Sergey Rudenko finished the first day of the Nokia Developer Days conference with his talk about geolocation services. In his speech, Sergey spoke about the current state of Nokia cards (coverage of 200 countries, 1.5 million cities and 25 million streets) and shared plans for the development of maps and the impressive features that Windows Phone 8 application developers will receive. Sergey spoke about the traffic jam calculation methodology and creation technologies. Nokia Maps, about the Nokia Maps API and the use of maps in web projects (Maps API for JS) and on various platforms used in Nokia smartphones - from Nokia Asha (Maps API for Java ME) to Nokia Belle (Qt Maps API).

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Application Design for Windows Phone

The first report of the second day was devoted to the design of applications for Windows Phone. Konstantin Kichinsky, an expert on software development technologies at Microsoft, shared the basic principles of the Metro-interface, which should not be neglected if you want to achieve a visually pleasant and easy-to-use application on Windows Phone. The speaker, along the way, shared the successful and unsuccessful cases of applications available in the Marketplace.

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Nokia Asha Touch

The report of Nokia Asha Touch was told by Alexander Trufanov, manager for working with developers from Nokia. As the name implies, the presentation was dedicated to the new Nokia smartphone on the Series 40 platform, its enormous capabilities for a simple phone, as well as the prospects of developing applications for this platform.

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Application Development for Windows Phone

Stas Pavlov, an expert on software development technologies from Microsoft, shared the principles of developing applications for Windows Phone. In his report, the speaker spoke about the device design for Windows Phone, about the types of these applications, development tools and the creation of applications. A very interesting presentation, which must be watched by any application developer looking towards Windows Phone.

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Built-in billing

About integrated billing on the Nokia Series 40 platform, said Alexander Trufanov. How billing works on this platform, what payment methods exist and what is better to use - you will find answers to all these questions by watching this presentation.

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Using the features of the Windows Phone platform

The final Nokia Developer Days report by Stas Pavlov was dedicated to using various features of the Windows Phone platform. Perhaps viewing this very deep and detailed presentation is the easiest and most interesting way to understand how applications are arranged and work in Windows Phone, as well as what application developer can use the platform integration options.

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We hope that the Nokia Developer Days conference has been useful to you and answered your questions. Develop applications for Nokia platforms, and in a year we will get together again and maybe it will be you who will stand on the stage sharing your cases.