Yuri Milner offered the largest scientific award


In general, “suggested” is a slightly wrong word. It will be more accurate to say "founded." Milner himself is known very well in Habré, since he is the largest investor in various Internet projects, not to mention his share in Mail.Ru Group and DST. On July 31, the Fundamental Physics Prize was announced, then the site of the award itself opened. The prize itself is not intended for the award of various kinds of Internet figures, as one might think. No, it will be awarded (and has already been awarded) to scientists working in the field of theoretical physics, or rather, to the field that deals with the origin of our Universe.

As mentioned above, the prize is the largest of all existing. The amount that the laureate receives is $ 3 million. This is even more than the size of the Nobel Prize (1.1-1.2 million). Now announced the names of nine scientists who are awarded a new prize. Unfortunately, there are no scientists who work in their native land. But immigrants from the CIS are, for example, Andrei Linde, who developed the inflationary model of the Universe (based on the “motives,” so to speak, of the theories from Alan Gut, also a laureate of the Fundamental Physics Prize).

Scientists learned about the prize unexpectedly for themselves, and it happened just a few weeks ago. Now those who received the award are thinking about how to manage it. In general, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Milner founded the award precisely in the field of theoretical physics - he himself comes from Moscow State University, where he studied at the Faculty of Physics, after that he was engaged in the same theoretical physics. The head of Milner was a Nobel laureate Vitaly Ginzburg. A little later Milner nevertheless left science, and went into business, where he succeeded.

Fundamental Physics Prize, as mentioned above, is an annual award. This year, the winners have already received a well-deserved award. The next award will take place in the first quarter of 2013.

Via Nature