Meet the free and free font “Oranienbaum”

The type designer Ivan Gladkikh , better known as Jovanny Lemonad, yesterday (August 1, 2012) announced the release of the new font Oranienbaum ”, which is the display antique of unusually beautiful styles, which is especially evident in curved elements of letters (in the paws, tails, etc.):
The font is available for free download under the free SIL OFL 1.1 license . The character set of this font contains the Cyrillic alphabet, the alphabets of the countries of Western, Central and Near Baltic Europe (including Scandinavia) and Turkey.

Personally, I was very pleased that among the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet there are also those that were in use during the time of the Empire (yat, fita, iota, izhitsa).

Those who want to respond to the free font with some kind of charity of their own can easily find the terms of the “Turn on the Heart” campaign on the Lemonade's blog .

Those who wish to experience a sense of anticipation, I send to the blog post of June 7 this year (2012), in which Lemonade along with Oranienbaum lists the names of two other new fonts that may be published before the end of the year - and at the same time reports that another well-known font (Molot) will be enriched with several new styles.