Is a firearm printed on a 3D printer? Almost…

This week, articles appeared on the Internet about how a craftsman, using the SolidWorks model and materials downloaded for ~ $ 30, printed a gun and an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle for himself . Yes, and posted the model on the Internet. An example is here .

In the illustrations: the original (top) and the model printed on the printer (bottom).

As it turned out later, the journalists, as often happens, overdid it, and in fact, only some parts of the case were printed on the printer , which together with the rest of the spare parts (which are more or less freely available in the USA) made up a working product ( more accurate information , author’s blog ). Nevertheless, a completely plastic weapon has long been no longer a myth, the only question is accuracy and reliability, but as with many other tools, they are not always needed. And now the craftsmen make a variety of self-propelled guns from improvised means, but these are craftsmen. Technologies like 3D printing may well open up these possibilities for everyone else. Let's imagine the possible consequences:

1. The arms market (legal) is characterized by high prices and limited availability (strict regulation and accounting). As a result, both gunsmiths and smugglers profit. When 3D printing of AK is set up for $ 50 (it’s enough for two clips), nobody wants to buy it at an expensive price, and nothing needs to be transported illegally - everything can be printed on site.
As a result, the problem of “weapon piracy” can cause the emergence of a new RIAA or even two, with slightly different methods of struggle. This is no longer an MP3 download from torrents ...

2. How will our life change if even an 11-year-old shkoloolo can print a gun and go to wet a geographic goat for putting him an undeserved deuce? What changes will occur in the legislation, and indeed in public life? What about racial / religious / ethnic and other intolerance?

3. How will such things be detected by existing security systems ("frames", x-rays, etc.)?

In general, there is something to ponder. So far, everything rests on the cartridges; so far, it seems, they have not yet printed them. With our realities, it will be easier to outlaw all 3D printing “in order to ensure national security and public order”, and at the same time to preserve existing economic monopolies foundations. What do you think?

Disclaimer: I do not urge to print weapons, I do not urge to prohibit 3D printing (with its help, organs are already printed), but I would forbid such journalists.

P.S. Смотрим на теги и хабы.