Want to be an iOS developer? Be it!

On a habr last month the article VK Contest: Messenger for Android was published . How it was! , in which the author shared his thoughts on the contest and published a list of resources and articles that helped him in creating the application. Since recently I began to study development for iOS, I have accumulated a certain number of links that may be useful for beginners. Therefore, I will follow his example and do the same, only for my platform. I hope someone will find it useful and save some time.

Chapter 1. The beginning.
It all started with the fact that I, and a few other guys chose the application development for the iPad as a training project. During the search, it was found Apple’s guide , in which the company described in detail the main provisions and features of development for its platforms.
Objective-C was chosen as the language. Initive Objective-C was a little surprising, but after trying it, it came to taste:

Xcode also looked menacing. But these video tutorials helped him get used to and understand.
Chapter 2. Basics.

Chapter 3. Databases.
Chapter 4. Work with sound: get ready, it will be loud!

Chapter 5. Animation: doing it beautifully.
Chapter 6. Networking

Chapter 7. Customization of elements.

Chapter 8. Testing: we make a quality product.
Chapter 9. Localization: getting ready to conquer the world.
Chapter 10. For designers.
Chapter 11. In-App Purchases: Monetization, Monetization, Monetization!
Chapter 12. Miscellaneous.

And separately worth mentioning: