Master class following the results of the “Big Ku $ h” contest in the Neúron hackspace

Very soon - on August 11 from 12:00 to 15:00 - a master class will be held in the Moscow Neúron hackspace on the results of the “ Big Ku $ h ” contest (PHDays 2012).

You will be able to learn how hackers broke into the PHDays I-Bank remote banking system , created specifically for the PHDays competitions (“ Big Ku $ h ” and the CTF vs HackQuest battle ), as well as repeat the exploits of the contestants and demonstrate their own hacking skills for such systems .

Recall that the Internet bank contained typical vulnerabilities in remote banking systems discovered by Positive Technologies specialists during penetration tests at various financial institutions. It should be noted that the vulnerabilities of remote banking systems go beyond the classic web vulnerabilities (such as XSS or SQL Injection): for the most part, vulnerabilities in PHDays I-Bank are logical.

To participate in the master class, you must register. You can do this at: . Come, it will be very interesting!

PS The PHDays I-Bank system was developed specifically for contests within the framework of the PHDays 2012 forum, and DO NOT A system that really works in any of the existing banks.