Mobile 2GIS update: inside and out

Months of productive work resulted in a whole bunch of improvements, which at the same time made our application both more cute, sexy and mimicry in terms of appearance, and more functional.


And specifically, this is what appeared in the new version:

  • HD-quality graphics on smartphones with high screen resolution. At the same time, on applications of previous generations, the application looks just as good. Both users of the latest 5-inch monsters and owners of old modest devices will be satisfied.

  • New design designed specifically for the latest versions of Android. 2GIS keeps up to date and develops in accordance with Android Design !


  • A quick access menu appeared - now ATMs, gas stations, pharmacies and everything that may be needed on the way can be found with one touch. Those who have seen 2GIS for the iPhone, this feature is already familiar.


  • Support for the built-in compass on Android devices, in addition to the distance to organizations of interest, will indicate the direction in which they are. Now you can find the nearest cafe, and go, guided not only by the map and the smell of food, but also by the compass needle. However, be careful: look around and cross the streets only at the green traffic light!
    But seriously, the real benefit of this function is the ability to determine on the road what is on your way and what is already behind you.

  • Two-finger rotation of the 3D map will allow you to view the city from the desired angle and better navigate in space. Finally, you can find out what these houses have on the reverse side.

  • City database files decreased in size, while performance improved. As before, our application works offline, you only need to preload the database of the desired city. And now it can be done even faster.

  • The search bar on the city selection screen will help you quickly find the desired city in the list. This is especially useful for residents of satellite cities to understand which base of a large city they load. After all, the total number of large and small cities in 2GIS has already exceeded 180!

And now some statistics. The popularity of the 2GIS mobile application is constantly growing. Today 2GIS is installed on every fifth smartphone on the Android platform in Russia, and has been downloaded to Google Play (formerly the Android Market) more than 1.7 million times. By the way, the five most popular smartphone models that use 2GIS most often look like this:

  1. Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy SII
  2. Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace
  3. HTC Desire S
  4. HTC Wildfire S
  5. HTC Incredible S

2GIS is in the TOP 5 best applications in the Travel category , having won the maximum number of stars (5 out of 5). According to users, "the description of the program does not exaggerate," all that is indicated in it is "pure truth: all the fences and stalls, the exact transport numbers, all the information about the houses are shown."

True, there was a fly in the ointment - in the new version, the kinematics of the map may behave strangely, there are also some problems with processing touch events. But we are already preparing a patch update, and soon it will be available on Google Play.

Recall that the mobile version of 2GIS for Android was released in March 2011, in the first two weeks becoming the leader in the number of downloads among the best free programs in the Travel category. At the same time, 2GIS applications for smartphones on the Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms appeared, and in December 2011 2GIS for iOS was released.

The total number of downloads of the 2GIS mobile version for all platforms exceeded 3.7 million.