Damn Small Linux updated unexpectedly

The developers position Damn Small Linux as an operating system for old and very old computers (of course, the word "old" is relative here). The size of this OS is only 50 MB, and it can work quite quickly on low-power PCs, with a small amount of RAM, a weak processor, and a small amount of memory on the hard drive. Damn Small Linux was quite popular (many of you probably still use it), but updates have not been released for four years. Of course, no one expected that the project would suddenly come to life. And it happened, the developers released an update this week, release candidate for DSL 4.11 .

The update fixes some annoying bugs in the work, removes some applications, updates the window manager, browser, and some other elements of the system. Despite the update, Damn Small Linux did not change its status; it was and is an OS for very old PCs. It can even work on a computer with an Intel 486 processor and 16 MB of RAM. Damn Small Linux (DSL) may not work on new PCs, since it still uses the 2.4 kernel, and some new hardware configuration items may not be supported.

Now this distribution may not become as popular as before. Indeed, over the past few years, competitors such as SliTaz , Tiny Core Linux , and Puppy Linux .