Apple lawyers continue to dig under Samsung

This music will be eternal. Even after one smart troll, a person officially decided that Apple and Samsung have different products, because Samsung is “Not So Cool,” the guys from Cupertino did not calm down.

Their lawyers began to rummage through the history of Samsung, in order to dig something else. And that’s what they found.

In 2010, Samsung engineers drew up a 132-page document that directly compared the iPhone and Galaxy S, including icons. After which a discussion was held on the topic of whether it is worth using one of this in Samsung, and how exactly.

On the other hand, Samsung may well appeal to common sense - after all, any company must somehow compare its products with those of a competitor.

PS And, if I understood correctly, the document seems to be confidential and, most likely, only for internal use. How he got to Apple and whether the court will accept the evidence obtained in this way is a question.

The document itself (large PDF).

UPD The document by reference is the evidence itself attached to the case.

United States District Court Northern District of California
No. 11-CV-01846-LHK (PSG)
Apple Inc. v. Samsung Elecs.

The file was uploaded by John Pachkowski, who was once accused of having a fake blog on behalf of Steve Job. But then it turned out that the author of the parody was another person.