Internet Archive begins distributing 1.4 million torrents

The motto of the Internet archive is to provide "universal access to all knowledge." At first glance, this is not very different from the mission of The Pirate Bay, but the founders of TPB received prison sentences, and the Internet Archive continues the noble work of archiving information for future generations.

Now Internet Archive has entered a new stage of its development, announcing support for the BitTorrent protocol as one of the ways to distribute files. At this point, 1,402,335 torrents are registered in the Internet Archive torrent tracker , but hundreds of new ones are added every hour. There are 1535 active nodes in the peer-to-peer network, 762 people in the distribution (see activity chart ). Special launched the section where the rating of the most popular distributions is maintained and recommendations for downloading books, films and music are published.

The project was launched in conjunction with the company BitTorrent, which actively promotes torrents as a convenient way to distribute films and music. Even the Internet Archive website now says: “This is the fastest way to download, because the BitTorrent client receives files from two Internet Archive servers located in different data centers, and from other users who have already downloaded torrent data.”

Internet Archive employees say That BitTorrent as one of the download methods is just the first step. In the future, Internet Archive expects to use a P2P network not only for distribution, but also for storing content.