Who is interested in cloud accounting

1. Why we decided to start our blog on Habré.

For the sake of additional PR? Yes. But there is one more significant reason why they decided to open the blog on Habré.

Almost every accountant knows about BukhSoft products, even if he has not bought basic products, then at least once used free services. But in the IT environment BuhSoft has always been little known.
Well, that’s logical. The success of the company, whose products are written on the dying Visual Fox Pro, is often surprising, but not interesting. The interest of IT-specialists, as a rule, went towards 1C.
However, development for 11 years has been stable. When competitors recorded losses during the crisis years, and we stopped hearing anything about some, BukhSoft continued to grow. By the way, competitors copied many commercial ideas with BukhSoft precisely in these years.
Conclusion: the language (environment) in which the product is developed is not the most important thing. The client votes by money according to other criteria.

Despite this conclusion, we did not plan to underestimate the new “cloudy” trends. In 2009, as an experiment, they offered our users a free online service for preparing certificates of personal income (report on form 2-NDFL).

The year of operation of the service convinced us that it would be in demand, and we began to develop a full-fledged accounting program, which is now called Bukhsoft-Online .

And now in the IT-environment we began to cause not only surprise, but also interest. Increasingly, we get a lot of the same type of questions on the subject of “how are things going”. Among our paid users, mainly accountants, there are not many technical specialists, however, it is from the techies that we receive the bulk of criticism, suggestions, comments, and indignation. The accountant more often defines the service as “working or not working”. The developer with a look from the outside will always exclaim "well, who does this."
And we appreciate the criticism.

That is why a blog about our successes and failures in cloud-based accounting should be on Habré!

2. Who is interested in Buchsoft-Online? We will
make a reservation right away
that the product should be of interest to the user. In our case, this is primarily accounting. It makes no sense to list what opportunities for an accountant Buchsoft Online provides, it’s easier to say that the service allows you to fully keep records of any tax regime.
Full-fledged - it means from primary documents to sending reports electronically. In a single service in the hands of an accountant are trade accounting, warehouse, personnel records with automatic generation of personnel documents, payroll with automatic generation of transactions and reports, fixed assets accounting, etc., directly accounting and tax accounting in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Code.
Enumeration of the indicated possibilities is not at all the main subject of pride. We don’t understand how to offer a business a product that can do something only partially. Obviously, this is inconvenient for the user.
Yes. е настроенные процедуры импорта из одной программы в другую – это как пересадки на метро. It seems not difficult, but the options are always encouraging, in which you need to get "in a straight line."
Conclusion: the future lies with those programs that integrate all business applications into a single desktop, with common directories and a single logic for the exchange of information.

When developing a service, we focus on such features that clearly demonstrate an advantage over offline versions of programs. These advantages should have the main quality - convenience.
For example, such things as the ability to sign and send electronic reports from any computer without installing crypto tools and other special programs are convenient for an accountant. It is convenient to accept ready-made transactions from partners with one click, that is, without the need to manually drive in the nomenclature of invoices and details of other documents, etc.
More details about these and other useful features will be presented in the following posts.

The second largest category of users of the product are Individual Entrepreneurs under special taxation regimes. Basically, the service is acquired by those entrepreneurs who have a staff. Those who do not have employees, as a rule, acquire only the “Accounting” block - for maintaining a book of income and expenses, the “Trade and Services” block - if it carries out trading activities. And sometimes they generally think that they don’t need anything. In this regard, the profitability of those cloud services that are focused only on individual entrepreneurs is doubtful. Solvency among entrepreneurs is low, the number of “dumps” is much higher than that of legal entities.

The third category of users. Leaders. More precisely, in this case, the entire team of the organization, including the leader, uses Buchsoft Online. You can work in the system without limiting the number of users and operations. Each user can configure access rights to various services. In real time, the team works in a single trading, management, accounting and information system.
The most popular for the management team, and indeed for the interaction of the team, is the block "Corporate Task Scheduler." You can set and transfer tasks not only to your employees, but also to your partners, automatically inviting them by e-mail to your collective management system.
Each Buchsoft Online module has a system of reminders that not only inform you of the deadlines for submitting reports, but also of any trifles that each user considers important for himself.

There is a fourth category - IT-specialists. This is not to say that there are many of them as users. But their interest in our online product is tens of times higher than offline. Based on the issues and opinions that we face, including our competing colleagues, I got the impression that several controversial illusions have formed in the IT environment regarding the prospects of cloud services. The main essence of the illusions is that the "cloud" technology is so cool in itself that it is worth launching the product and thirsty users will tear it off with their hands.
However, in 2012, the increase in sales of offline BukhSoft products was noticeably greater than that of the online product. This is despite the fact that the pace of registration in the online service is very high - more than 50 thousand per year. The statistics are real, not advertising. Who in the subject understands.
We are interested in exploring users, their doubts when deciding in favor of online or offline, and will soon share some results.

3. Meanwhile, the basis of sales is proven offline

In general, the availability of both an offline product and a cloud helps to make more balanced conclusions. Exempts from imaginary or desired statistics. Probably, if we were to offer only a “cloud” product on the market, it would be difficult to give an objective assessment of the fact that Russian business is not ready to fly in the clouds. We see how our colleagues in accounting forums are diligently promoting the benefits of “cloud” services. And silence is heard in response. The dialogue is so far only among themselves. To move the market, you need significantly more strength and means. Probably, 1C forces are needed there?

But 1C is a very interesting player. From the point of view of technology, "cloud solutions" are already there as if long ready. It remains only to decide what to do with franchises, the efforts of which grew an empire. No one needs to rush. The consumer does not yet require "online" massively. For individuals who are particularly interested in prospects, a test entrance to the "clouds" is open. Meanwhile, the basis of sales is a proven offline next version. The manufacturer is quite happy with the current situation. After the massive transition to "clouds" the role of 1C specialist can be greatly reduced. Therefore, all this is not necessary for a certain part of the IT environment.

But we all understand that there will be “clouds” in accounting. The only question is “when” and who exactly will begin to massively promote them. Let's wait. It will be interesting.