Regional law and jurisprudence in the PCA Pravo.Ru for iOS

In July, we presented to your attention an update of the SPS application for Android. Today we have good news for owners of mobile devices on the iOS platform.

With a flick of the wrist, your gadget becomes a complete tool for a practicing lawyer. Using the SPS application, you can work with documents of federal and now regional legislation. In addition, filtering of judicial practice in related documents by court and specific courts was added, and the section “Decisions of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation” was added to the application’s main page.

App for iPhone and iPad still free to install and work with documents. Under the cutter, more about what filtering judicial practice is and how to choose a document edition.

Regional legislation

It is no secret that in different regions the amount of the penalty for incorrect parking or vehicle tax may differ. So, if you were stopped by valiant traffic police officers on a trip to the Russian Federation, or if you want to register a car in another city, open the application, specify the rule of law or problem, and select the desired region in the search results.

Quick navigation

Now, on a swipe on the search result, that part of the document where the search query is encountered immediately opens. In this case, the application selects the search text.

Arbitrage practice

Judicial acts are needed in order to know a possible decision on a specific legal situation. Although we have no case law, judges often turn to existing practice. So you can study judicial acts. To do this, select the rule of law, go to the related documents and mark the instances and courts of interest.

Revision of a document

Most likely, you will be interested in current and, possibly, future editions. However, if your litigation has dragged on and the regulatory document has changed, then access to the previous edition will be required. With the application, all existing editions are at your fingertips. When working with the text of a document, open the list of editions and select the one you need.

The SPS application for iOS is in special demand. Proof of this is statistics obtained from open sources:

In the near future there will be an application for devices based on the WP7 platform. All our mobile applications are free to download. We pay special attention to their quality and will be glad to your suggestions and comments!