Two-storey residential building "printed" in 20 hours

Remember the 3D printer that fits in a suitcase?

It looks like this:
However, while we were admiring minimalism, researchers from the University of Southern California announce the giant of three-dimensional printing - Contour Crafting.

Contour Crafting uses standard three-dimensional printing technologies, but they are implemented on a large scale.

Contour Crafting can print:
  • Walls;
  • Installation of pipelines (gas, water, heating);
  • Electrical wiring;
  • Laying tiles on the roof of the building;
  • Painting exterior walls

You say the end came to the ordinary builder? By no means, human labor will be needed for interior decoration, the "big hand" of a three-dimensional printer is not capable of performing jewelry work.

I propose to start viewing the abilities of Contour Crafting (the most interesting will start at 4 min 30 sec).

P / s: I wonder if the father of three-dimensional printing can cope with a personal underground shelter ?