Education is a choice


The article “ Standard education is a hoax!” ”Caused heated discussions: about the need for education in general, about the opinion of the author of the article, about the availability of sufficient experience of the author. After reading the article and the comments on it, I realized that I have a fairly structured and evidence-based opinion about the problem that I want to share.

My article will be more general than simply condemning or ascending the educational system; I will touch upon the issues of the need for education in general, and the choice of each life path.

My own experience

I was born in 1989, 5 years earlier than the author of the original article, and, undoubtedly, quite young. I live in the city of Petrozavodsk, graduated from the lyceum (math class), managed to study at 3 universities (one in Moscow, two in Petrozavodsk) and did not graduate from any of them. I studied at the management of organizations, applied mathematics and at the teacher of mathematics and computer science at school. All training was free.

Eighteen months ago, I independently decided to leave the academy and do what I want. Mom was undoubtedly opposed. Now I am involved in music and web development.

Based on this, I can tell my thoughts about studying at school and university, the work of a teacher, independent life without a diploma.

Independent choice

After a comprehensive reprimand of the education system in the article “ Standard education is a hoax!” "The author offers, I quote:
" To teach everything that you need only yourself, go against the tide and not be guided by other people's opinions. "Develop yourself constantly and help others in this, do not be afraid to do what is not expected of you, change your life for the better yourself if you want to be the master of your destiny.”

This is a great thought of a thinking person. Indeed, it is wonderful when everyone can make their choice and makes it. But in Russia and Ukraine only 9 classes of the school are compulsory. After studying in 9 classes, everyone is free to manage further education. There are no legislative obstacles for this. A person’s age has already passed the mark of 14 years; he is free to work with some restrictions if he does not want to continue his education in any institution. Already at this stage, in the presence of additional knowledge, you can independently earn and build an independent life.

In practice, of course, freedom is limited. The parent's eye closely monitors the future of the child, and, of course, wishes him well. That is why parents want their child to continue their education while providing parents. But the majority decides to continue their education, even if they follow their parents' wishes. Often because it’s more convenient and simpler, or, realizing how education can help them.

After the age of 18, the parents no longer have any rights to control the actions of the child, and here the decisions on continuing or completing education lie entirely on the student’s shoulders if he is ready for these decisions.

Why, then, is the choice often made in favor of schools, technical schools, colleges, universities? Because of the oppression of parents? By your own desire? According to the majority? Because of all this and more. Because people are different.

What do people need or stars from the sky

What is success? Maybe become the new Steve Jobs? Or make a billion? Or climb the career ladder? Or become an excellent specialist? Or start a reliable family and several children? Or help 100 stray dogs and cats?

For everyone, success is different. Someone will feel the need for constant self-improvement, someone in family happiness, someone in a contribution to a world without wars. And each has its own way. A successful person does not have the obligatory need to achieve the highest post, to have the biggest name. Success can be in the small - in relation to your family, work, homeland, world.

Yes. еко не каждому хочется узнать много и сделать много. It is very important. Many will be satisfied with a sofa and a TV, if there is enough money for food and housing. And this problem is much more acute than the choice between education and self-education. Because it is connected with the problem of professionalism.

Professionalism today

A mixture of success and career growth, fame leads to terrible consequences. Society praises directors and managers, not professionals. It seems that the company is built only on managers, and not on every employee. The biggest problem in all areas of work is the lack of specialists. Professionals in their field.

At 25 years old, almost all people around are divided into 3 unequal parts. People with a diploma who think that a diploma is the only thing that is required of them; people without a diploma who are sure that they can do everything and those who think primarily about their knowledge and skills, and not about a diploma. There are few of them, and they are needed most of all for any work.

A specialist in his field is a gold nugget, this man has done serious work to achieve professionalism. And he needs both education and self-education. Vocational education gives impetus to self-education, sets guidelines for a short period of time. Self-education often does not provide an opportunity to understand what fundamental knowledge is needed.

And there are few professional school teachers. This is the student’s first meeting with unprofessionalism: the school does not have the best personnel, because there are simply no others, or they are not satisfied with the working conditions. The best teachers are those who consider it their duty to fruitfully deal with this very thing.

The working conditions of the teacher and teacher are a litmus test of the attitude of the authorities towards the country and the population.

Education for the state

Is universal education necessary for the state? The answer is not easy. It all depends on state goals.

If the sole purpose of power is to maintain its position, then education is evil for power. An uneducated person is blind, suggestive, trusting. Managing an uneducated mass is a simple task.

If the state needs the production of complex products, competitiveness and the right to vote on the world stage, then education is the key to success, the key to development.

About the author again

Was education useful to me personally? Yes. I am glad that I studied at all these institutions.

School and mother instilled in me a desire to learn, showed me what I can do in my adult life.

Studying in Moscow added independence to me.

Applied mathematics taught me to think in a structured way, to be able to abstract myself, which is why I believe that mathematics in school should be mandatory.

Studying at a pedagogical university showed me how hard and interesting the work of a teacher is.


But in the end, everything depends on each individual person, his path is formed by willpower, aspirations and desires, his perseverance and horizons.

For some, the path of "11 classes - a university - graduate school" is the best fit; for someone, "9 classes and free swimming" is an ideal option. For this reason on Habré, among thinking people, there are so many who graduated from high school and are glad of it and those who did not finish high school and also this time.

Only in order to understand who you are and what you need, you need to learn how to make a choice and know what to choose from. And the formation of these skills, the acquisition of this knowledge should be promoted by compulsory education.