Google lowers pirate sites in search results

New changes to the Google search algorithm will be taken into account when ranking the results and displaying them to the user whether the site distributes illegal content or vice versa contains original licensed content, to which the copyright holders have no complaints.

Inside Search's official blog says the goal of the new changes is to “... help users find legitimate, quality search results more easily .” "Thus, in Google search results that are focused on receiving multimedia content and all kinds of entertainment, preference will be given primarily to sites that distribute legal materials - such as Hulu or Spotify, but sites like Kim Dotcom’s infamous brainchild MegaUpload and numerous torrent trackers with pirated videos and audio recordings will be artificially underestimated in the issue.

Google emphasizes that the decision on the status of the resource is not made by them. Rightholders are by no means calmly watching the distribution of licensed content on the Internet, but are actively using Google’s ability to report a result that violates copyright - for example, in the last 30 days, the search giant has received about 4 million applications regarding the removal of pirated sites from issuance. Thus, the material for assessing the "legitimacy" of the site is more than enough.

Nevertheless, Google recognizes the fact that only a court decision can unambiguously remove a link to a "pirated" site, and until then the result itself will not disappear from the search, but will fall below the "legal" results in the search results.

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