National Computer Museum in Blechley Park

The last time the museum The National Museum of Computing , I did not get, so this time five times and checked their schedule - hit.

Next will be a set of selective photographs of what I personally caught my eye on. Naturally, there are many more exhibits there.

Real BBS, albeit on Windows.

Ancestor (s) of the era.


Modem, brothers, for 1200! or 300 full duplex.

Have you looked at the matrix? Remember which modem they teleported to there?

It's amazing if the Raspberry Pi weren’t in the British Museum.

Portable laser guide.

Eh, buy yourself this legend or what?

Brothers! Fasten seat belts. This is a whole class of working BBC Micro. Books and manuals to choose from. You can sit down and program.

Which I did.

BBC Micro from the inside out.

Everywhere books, new, old.

RML 380Z
PET Commodore
ELIZA can ask questions and answer.

The history of computer memory, from lamps to SIMMs and DIMMs.

A flash drive from the past.

Dummy microcomputers with guts outward (chin). I have a weakness for them.

Would you like to learn from this in due time? So do I.

Ergonomic keyboards did not come up yesterday.

Expensive business computer of the eighties.

Cassettes are gently parked on a huge shelf with various manuals. It turns out that they were used not only for home and for family.

Go to the welterweight. Already not desktop, but floor computers.

XEROX Workstation.

Vax. During my studies I “saw” him, or rather represented him, through the prism of a remote terminal.

Graphic station.

Terminals, terminals.

In the hall of epoch-making staff.

Remember this crossover?

In the corner? We basically “know” him according to the Zonov scheme. And this is the original.

In action.

It turns out that in fact there were a lot of machines in the “keyboard” form factor.

This machine made Bill Gates famous.

But this one - of two Steves, and allowed me to create a wonderful Mac Air, from which I am writing this post now, dropping tears of tenderness on the keyboard.

You can sit on a banquet and chopped into rare toys. Here are collected the main epoch-making gaming computers 80-90x.

In a separate room you can chop in Flight Simulator.


UNIX The beginning of all beginnings.

Real Radar Monitor.

By the way, what a computer museum without wifi.

Analog Computer. In digital computers, you break up a task into elementary binary operations. In analog, you stand a model of calculations based on the properties of amplifiers and feedbacks, forcing them to add electrical signals, subtract, integrate, differentiate, etc.

Convenient, however.

A new, yet unprepared room.

Although something is already there.

Punch card punching machines.

And here is an example (attention) of the calculator!

Manual Computer Weekly Archives, by the way.

Brothers! This is an unreal museum. Unfortunately, it is difficult for tourists to get to it, but this should not stop real fans. What is Trafalgar Square or London Eye? Here's what to watch.

I had only forty minutes to do everything about everything. Damn little. If I succeed, I will go again.